Thursday, August 1, 2002

after work, i went to comic con with wendy. and then i went to go work out. after my work out, i had the urge to go to el cotixan for some shreaded beef burritos. i dunno why i feel so guilty. there's not much unsaturated fat in that thing. much less than my protein bar by far. if you chilled it, there wouldn't be any grease that would form on top. and it's a lot of protein. i don't think i'll feel guilty when i get that any more. everything else is greasy i must admit. everything else is just dipped in grease and served to your plate.

i keep thinking of stuff to blog about during the day, but when finally get to write it out, i forget what i was gonna write about. i used to carry a notepad for these things. today wasn't much of a productive day at work. all i did was read up news articles and such about all the messed up people in the world. made this world feel a little more gloomy knowing there are people like that.

i think i'm gonna watch amelie again in the near future. i keep thinking about that movie. i wish i understood french. : ) at comic con, Dimension Films had a trailer for Shaolin Soccer. It looks like the bought the rights to it, dubbed it, and is releasing it this september. It's a great movie, and I own it, but remember Iron Monkey? Of course you don't.

got my first paycheck from that consulting place. wasn't really fullfilling. but i wasn't expecting it to be. at least it'll help me pay off some credit card bills from last month. i'm too tired to think of more stuff to write about.

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