Friday, September 28, 2012

Galaxy Note 2 NOT released in South Korea 9/28/2012

I am in Korea and I went to a few phone stores and they all told me that because of the Korean Thanksgiving, it is likely that it will be arriving October 2 but most likely on the 4th.  I know that every tech website reporting on the Galaxy Note 2 is reporting that it was launched in South Korea, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  However, people, such as developers and carrier representatives have had them for a few days now.  There are some floating around, but it doesn't seem like any have actually sold yet.  I have looked through the Korean discussion forums and not a single soul has posted about getting one today.

Update 10/4/2012:  KT has launched the Galaxy Note 2.  SK and LG recalled the shipped phones due to a bug.  Sigh....I'm waiting on the LG version...

Taken 2 Review

I am in South Korea where Taken 2 was released in the theaters a week earlier than in the US.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie and I highly anticipated the sequel.  The movie was more of the same with but with a lot less intensity.  I remember 2 distinct things about the first movie.  First thing was the chops to the neck.  Second was the intensity you felt from the main actor fighting through suffocating layers of insurmountable challenges while trying to find his daughter in a foreign country.  The action scenes were there in Taken 2, but it never felt too intense out of the scenes that involved fighting.  Another thing that I thought could have been better was the scale of the location.  The majority of the movie felt like it happened around one building.  There was never really a search, other than through the corridors of one building where all the bad guys hung out.  The first movie felt like a journey while Taken 2 felt like a short weekend trip.  With all that said it was still enjoyable sequel but don't go into the movie with high expectations.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I've brought all my old posts back.

I decided to merge all the blogs together that I have written over the years.  In 10.5 years, I've managed to write 925 blog posts.  A good percentage of them long posts.  I'm not really a twitter user.  Some thoughts are complex and those need to be shared too.

The reason I removed the posts originally was that I had always started new blogs from scratch and essentially made the other posts unavailable to searches on an unguessable addresses.  The reason I am bringing them back is that I realized a few things.  A lot of my posts had good information on them.  A huge reason why people blog is to make the Internet a better place.  What I mean by that is that the Internet is collection of information.  And if you are the holder of information that is not currently on the Internet, it is your duty to populate the Internet with it.  For example, you discovered a solution to fix a problem that many people are having in the world, and when you searched for it on the Internet it was not easily available, you should blog about it.  This is how the Internet operates.  If no one did this, Internet would be a sad place.  We would be back to figuring things out ourselves or paying someone a lot of money just for a little bit of knowledge.

Another reason why I decided to bring all my old posts back is that I no longer feel like everything I used to think in the past is something I don't identify with.  Instead, what my old posts are is a way to see where I was then and how differently I see things now.  In many ways, I haven't changed at all.  Mostly my priorities and where I focus my time on have changed.