Wednesday, August 7, 2002

unfortunately, no body fat loss to report today.

during lunch, i went to go eat pho and get simpsons season 2 on the way back to work.

after work, i went to rimac, and did cardio....had a hell of a time finding machines though.....too many damn people. i would prefer to not do the stairmaster or the bike. so i did 10 min on the eliptical to warm up, stretched, 10 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes on the eliptical, 5 min on the stairmaster and 10 min on the eliptical with the handle bars. i tried to jump from one machine to next keeping my heart rate up. wendy didn't make it to rimac today. i hope at least she got her cardio in, and plans on joining us tomorrow.

after work, met up with the OG ResNet crowd at Pampas. Had a 12oz tenderloin. It was the best cut of meat that was ever served to me. the restaurant could use some work though. i noticed an odor coming from the table cloth, and the air in the restaurant was pretty stale. also, the restaurant is in a horrible location, and the outside looks more like a pool hall than a argentinian restaurant. if they were anywhere in la jolla, it would be impossible to eat there without reservations, and probably cost twice the price for what they are serving.

came home, and watched the rest of "V - The Original Miniseries". Turns out it's only half of the series I was expecting. The other half, "V - The Final Battle" will have to be purchased seperately. For 1982, and with the budget they had, it's amazing what they were able to do. Still looks pretty descent today.

friday is creeping up really fast. tomorrow i gotta go to rei, return some stuff. gotta do the laundry tomorrow, and then thursday i gotta do the laundry and go to rei to return the sleeping pad, and go to structure to buy some shorts. then come home and pack. then on friday...i might have to leave work early to go work out, then be at irvine by dinner time. here is where i'll be backpacking this weekend. gotta remember to recharge my phone, and my digital camera. damn, this is one busy week.

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