Friday, January 12, 2007


Today at 10:58PM, I finished. Exactly a month behind the deadline. Just a little over 21,000 lines of code. 5 months of challenging myself to come up with countless solutions to things that was believed to be impossible. Demading myself to make some critical decisions to design in record time. 5 months of working on it 5 days a week (the last 2 months, 7 days a week). Cutting no corners when it came to having the implementing the best features users would like to have. Its eerie how the product is so close to what I envisioned it to be, yet when I see it in action, I'm still amazed and proud in every way. Its my greatest accomplishment yet. Well no, my greatest accomplishment is my change of lifestyle from having no clue what health and fitness is to the knowledge and action I live my life by. Although I have put myself on break until I get this done, there's no question I'll be returning to the gym as soon as I'm back from orlando. This is the greatest accomplishement when it comes to my need to create, express, and contribute. Its a product that wouldn't have been possible if my life were to have unfolded any differently (whether it was the windfalls or the mild tragic events that has brought me to this point in my life). I wouldn't know what I'd be doing if for example if my life folded a little differently (like I got into a college of my choice). But comparing to the endless possibilities that could have been, comparing those to where I'm at right now, I think the opportunities in front of me are as great as if not greater than any possibitlites I can imagine that I'll ever encounter.

If I were to guess from the beginning, I would have guessed that the compiled code would be less than 1000 lines, and the web interface far less than that. If I had known it was going to be near 10000 lines of compiled code, near 10000 lines of asp, and 1500 lines of stored procedures in t-sql, I definitely would have never started. Good thing I have a tendency to underestimate the time and complexity when it comes to programming.

Enough of that. There is a lot more work to be done.

We are open for business. Finally

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why no 3G?

It seems rather...dumb that the iPhone does seem to be at the cutting edge of technology in every way. I understand why they don't want to put a mem card reader in there for security and more control of their product and pricing. But c'mon. No 3G? Its like saying, "here. we made the ultimate family vehicle. it does everything you can imagine. we've adopted the bleeding edge of technology. (no pun intended.) but one drawback is that it only has 2 seats." c'mon jobs. we don't buy it. i'm willing to bet that when the iphone is released, it will come with it. did you forget how slow 2.5g is? What would be nicer if an iPhone in the future came with EVDO or even the newer EVDO whatever its called. Although, having 3G and 2.5G compatible phone will be awesome for travel out of the country whereas a phone with EVDO is useless outside the USA...

I wasn't too impressed with the iphone at the press conference pictures, but after seeing the product on their website, damn, it could be the next best thing. it has nicer screen than the psp, impressive battery life, incredibly thin, works with itunes which has become the most convienient vehicle to get songs and tv shows from the internet (although the biggest drawback is availability of the show, movie, or artist), apple's bubbly interface, and the 2 touch thing is gonna rock.

one other improvement would be, being the owner of a handheld gps unit that talks to my bluetooth blackberry, i can say gps capabilities on the iphone will just add so much to it.

as chris rock might say, "i've grown accustomed to" having 60 gigs on my ipod. considering we can readily put 16 gigs on a postage stamp today, and 32 gigs relatively soon, 4 and 8 gig seems very limited. 80 gigs of solid state memory would be nice on the iphone. definitely not a problem and it will happen on a future iphone some day. you can argue that since you'll be charging this thing daily anyway, you can always put content you want for that day. it'll still be nice to have it with you all the time. storage capacities seems to be exploding at the moment. maybe 80 gigs is too little to ask for future devices.

Monday, January 1, 2007

The Sixth Sense

Ever feel the obviousness of an extra form of energy in the air where something that has nothing to do with anything, and just doesn't happen randomly is happening near you (same city, same town, or maybe a few miles away), and you find out later that it was true? There are many things we don't understand yet, but maybe one day, someone will have a scientific explanation that this energy that everyone does have the ability to detect with their sixth sense does exist and we can make good use of it. Maybe being psychic is just an overused and over simplified explanation for this occurance.