Monday, August 5, 2002

16.8! i'm gonna try to make this short.

i went to sleep at 10:30 yesterday, woke up at 5, so i slept again till 9:30. woke up, and watched "V - The Original Miniseries on DVD, went to rimac, did cardio for 50 min (10 min warm up, stretch, 40 min cardio). Then went to go eat Chop Stix and Boba with jeff, ritchie, sandy, and loy. jeff wasn't gonna take his GTR (too many people anyway), so i just drove seperately. after sunday boba brunch, i went to REI to get backpacking equipment. the REI guy was super knowledgeable (all businesses should take lessons), and recommended me a great backpack, and a great sleeping bag. unfortunately, they didn't have them in stock, so all i bought was a sleeping mat for $80 (kinda high huh?). then i went to costco to get food and the amelie dvd (they were sold out), then i went to sketchers warehouse (parked in a pay parking lot without paying (well i put $1 in, cause i couldn't justtify paying $5 to park there for 5 minutes as i was buying sketchers). found 2 great pairs of shoes one dressy, one for camping for $29.99 each (40% off sale), and off i went to my next destination, EXPRESSFORMEN(aka Structure). They were closed by the time I got there (i had a $35 coupon + 10% off + $15 coupon) so I couldn't rip them off with the 2 shorts I was gonna get for less than $20. so off i went to walmart to look for amelie, simpsons season 2(not released early at this walmart, unlike other walmarts in the country), got a polar target (heart rate monitor $59), and then i decided to look in the camping section. found an internal frame backpack for $60, a sleeping mat for $11, and a sleeping bag for $17. i had to make a decision to either spend <$100 or $400 at REI. as much as i like to treat myself to the best of the best, i think i made a wise decision to go with the walmart brand. there is a $300 quality different you feel, but this is my first backpacking adventure. who knows, maybe i'll end up not going as much as i had hoped for and not getting my money's worth. and even if i decide that i like backpacking and end up buying better stuff, i will have a backup set for maybe friends that want to come along without much notice. i'll have a bag for them. or if my brother wants to borrow it, i could let him borrow the $100 set, and not worry about it. the $100 set is very durable. just not comfortable, that's all. after walmart, i went to ralphs to get everything that i couldn't get, and then lura from ehs calls saying her exchange 2000 server is broken. arg. spent the last 3 hours trying to wonder what the hell happened. we called it quits for today. time to go to sleep.

btw, the heart rate monitor is great. it's an amazing little device. can't wait to start using it. gotta go to REI tomorrow to return the sleeping mat that cost $80.

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