Thursday, June 30, 2005

Don't cry for me La Jolla

I've been fortunate enough to live in La Jolla since 1996. This is by far one of the nicest place I'll ever get a chance to live in. The weather is perfect, the streets and just the area in general are kept in pristine condition, and just really safe where you don't have to worry about anything. Although I wasted away thousands of beautiful days, I never took it for granted, and never got tired of looking outside and seeing how beautiful and perfect the day was. How cool is it that I can just leave my balcony door wide open 247 and have it perfect indoors and outdoors during the summer time? It just has been rubbed into my face because the weather just has been extraordinarily good for the last 3 weeks even for La Jolla standards, and I'm discovering things that I have missed ever since I moved off campus, only to discover them 4 days before moving out of the area. Like the exercise park in that loop wher ethe mormon temple is. Its like something out of a movie. Shame on me for not taking advantage. Another thing is how you are driving against traffic in just about any direction you're going during rush hour. And it 15 minutes is generally how long it takes you to get to any part of San Diego. I love this place.

My biggest mistake was to not invest in a place when I was totally able to around 1999 when my boss told me that I was making plenty of money and it was gonna cost the same amount of in rent anyway that I should just buy one of those small 3 bedroom condos. who knew the price was gonna more than triple in about 5 years. I could have just been paying the interest, and I would have made out like a big time bandit. Maybe if I was smart, I could have just bout 3 of those places after my place doubled in value, and I'd be a millionaire by now. All with no extra cost to me. Shoulda-woulda-coulda. Too late now.

I'll find my way back here one day. Some way, some how.