Monday, February 14, 2005

An Old Saying

"If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was. We do not possess anything in this world, least of all other people. We only imagine that we do. Our friends, our lovers, our spouses, even our children are not ours; they belong only to themselves. Possessive and controlling friendships and relationships can be as harmful as neglect." - Alison Willcocks

I've been letting my bird's wings grow, and he's getting really good at flying around. Flight is a beautiful thing. It is something we were never meant to do as humans, but for birds, it must be an amazing experience every time they take flight. Imagine having the freedom to go whereever you wanted to go without walls, paths, barriers, or limitations. I can't help but feel that i'm depriving my bird of this priveledge. There definitely are much better things to do than sit in a cage 20 hours a day, while hanging out in my room for a few hours a day outside of its cage. Do I set it free and see if he comes back to me? If he doesn't there's probably 95-99% chance that he'll die. he won't be able to feed himself, or he'll get eaten by a predator. I'm lost on what to do next. Maybe I'll just get him a companion.

man, I suck at poker now. I might just give it up for good and only play at friendly gatherings where poker is not the main event of the get together. i played at travis' poker pad, and I found myself only playing with what my cards and odds were and not playing the player. And since I really didn't know too many players there, or forgot about them, it just made me think that they were all bluffing, or I was just trying to reaffirm my suspiscions. This led me to call all the bets, leaving a hole in my wallet. I played again at a potluck, and I didn't do that bad. It was all for fun, and there was this crazed loon who called a raise and a reraise of 40% of his chips with 89 unsuited against my AK. I guess he took a chance, and took $10 away from me at that pot. But that one measily $10 win now, will probably end up costing him 10 times more later trying to call big raises in the future with crappy cards trying to hit a flop as lucky as the one he played against me. I personally wouldn't do that to myself. At least I didn't lose any money that night.

I saw two movies that I enjoyed. Million Dollar Baby and Sideways. Sideways was just one of those refreshing feel good movies about people stuck in a rut that have gone through similar experiences to break out of the shell and do something bold.
Million Dollar was a good film, but I can't help but wonder... [major spoiler alert] i'll type it in white font. definitely see the movie first if you are planning on watching it before reading (drag text with mouse).

Was this movie inspired by the life of Christopher Reeves? Christopher Reeves is someone who has probably seen and done everything he's ever wanted. Its unfotunte he suffered a such a life altering accident. It seemed like he had the resources and the will to be the first person to overcome total paralysis. He was doing so well and was so hopeful for a speeches, starring in movies, writing books, and even guest starred in a few episodes of Smallville. Then he fell out of the lime light. And then a while later we found out he passed away (heart attack brought on by massive infection). What's interesting is that how someone as important as Christopher Reeves could be left alone with that kind of an infection for that long. My theory is that he had the infection and he made the decision to not treat it. Or there wasn't an infection at all. He decided it was just a the right time to go, much like the boxer in Million Dollar Baby.

Friday, February 4, 2005

Germans have horrible taste in music

Norm McDonald was onto something.

A 4 year old singing about a dragon is the #1 downloaded music on iTunes, and number 1 on the chargs. I've listened to it. It sounds like one of those Welch's grape juice kids saying schnappi over and over again to the Teletubbies theme song.

German Idol/Superstar winner Alexander Klaws decides the song to win the world over and show what Germany is all about is "Maniac" (the Flashdance theme).
Personally I would have chose a better song to represent myself and my country.

Or maybe they just are different.