Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm in the know

Sometime in the last month or so, it finally clicked. It was like taking the red pill and entering the Matrix and never seeing the same things the same way. Floods of interconnected information started making sense at such a deep level and it felt like I had finally solved one of biggest puzzles we all have to solve one day for ourselves. It makes so much sense now on why so many nice guys are single (and will likely stay that way), why so many jerks are not, and that the girls/women are looking for neither of those guys, but end up settling for one or the other.

Then there is the minority that the girls who have figured it out are holding off to meet one day. I'm talking about the guys in the know that are still single. They understand the concept of relationships, everything in between, know what people are really looking for from relationships, and how to deliver that to both parties. And I would like to welcome myself to this exclusive club. Let me say this. I am still a nice person, but I am no longer the nice guy in the context of "nice guys finish last."

Being a perfectionist its hard to look back at just about everything I did in the last 10 years of my dating life, and realizing just about everything I thought I was doing right was just the absolutely the wrong thing to do. Never again will I ever find myself in the same position.

We're always trying to do the right thing at all times. Unfortunately, until you realize it for yourself, any attempt of someone trying to explain "it" to you would sound like a far fetched theory at best and would not be convincing enough for you to see that what you once thought was right may be completely wrong. And you cannot, or have any reason to, do something you don't believe in. You always need to be yourself. That is the most important thing.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

This is my third blog

I don't know who still comes by to read it but I feel the changes to my life and who I am no longer directly reflect the previous postings. Check back for some interesting posts.