Saturday, August 3, 2002

updating my progress chart. i wish i had data instead of life style changes, but this might show you the gradual changes i made to my life style, that help this change become a permanent one hopefully. i'll have to celebrate 3/17/2003 with something. maybe reward myself with a nice piece of electronics or guitar

First day I played DDR at home: 1/26/2002

First day I went to the gym to bike: 3/17/2002

First day I went to the gym to work out with machines, and dumb bells: 3/22/2002

Day I started to seperate lifting and the cardio exercises completely: 3/29/2002

Day I started to do bike correctly to achieve an efficient cardio workout: 3/31/2002

Started changing my diet gradually: 4/1/2002

First day to plateau for 12 minutes on the bike at my max: 4/4/2002

Changed my diet completely: 4/17/2002

Day I started to work out on mostly freeweights: 4/30/2002

Incorporation of the protein bar into my diet: 5/5/2002

Started drinking protein shakes: 5/8/2002

First day to do level 5 plateau for 12 minutes on the bike: 5/13/2002

Changed from trying to plateau on level 5, to doing 20 minutes on level 4: 5/15/2002

Started taking creatine: 5/27/2002

Started 5 day loading with creatine: 6/2/2002

Got body fat scale: 6/2/2002

Started running: 6/3/2002

Started loading with creatine with non-acidic juice: 6/5/2002

Started doing interval training when running: 6/26/2002

Started working out at RIMAC and taking NatrualOne: 7/1/2002

Changed my workout schedule (lift m w f, cardio tu th sat): 7/4/2002

Started taking Fish Oil: 7/7/2002

Made stretching a higher priority: 7/18/2002

Change up of cardio (inside RIMAC): 7/30/2002

Stopped taking Creatine: 7/31/2002

Not counting DDR, I've been working out consistantly for about 4 monts and 3 weeks now. I took pictures on 6/10. It's been almost 2 months since then. it's defintely time for another picture.

my calves have shrunk, and now they are as big as ever.....i think they look pretty bad, the fact that they are so big. i guess i should get an second opinion from a girl. i guess it's better than having skinny ass twigs for legs...

no atm card yet. damn, i hope its not lost again. gotta go to sleep for the comic con.....damn, 6 hours of sleep left.

a little off topic, but i really like the band collective soul. i'd rate it up there, right behind mozart. it's brilliant. can't describe it any other way. comparing collective soul to everything out there these days, everything is else just crap. just like how i think newsradio is 100, my second and third favorite tv shows being the twilight zone, and the simpsons only get 10 and a 9. 10 and 9 are very high scores. but newsradio just blows them away. unfortunately, i can't seem to rememeber who introduced me to my first collective soul album "collective soul". it could have been a friend from high school. i do remember talking to her about how good the album was. maybe she gave it to me as a gift? i think i'm getting mixed up with with Joe Satriani's "The Extremist" album. Great album by the way. or maybe it was an album i ordered in my freshman year in college, and i have to hank my suitemate brett for it? it could have been that he used to play it all the time, and i eventually got the album for myself. and when i got their previous album after i found the second album being so good, i remember being dissappointed by "hints allegations and things left unsaid" a little weak. the old albums are great, but my favorite album is blender. i also think dosage was an awesome album, and the second album "collective soul" is one of their best. some collective soul fans don't like blender too much, but i found every song in there being my favorite in different times of the year (maybe longer than a year). how many albums do that? whoever it was that introduced me to collective soul, i thank you. as much as i thank FOX for opening my eyes to NewsRadio.

2 albums that are rated just as high, or even higher, "diciplined breakdown" and "hints allegations and things left unsaid", i never liked as much. maybe i'm missing something. i'll have to force feed myself these 2 albums in my car and maybe i'll discover some hidden treasures.

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