Wednesday, July 31, 2002

i think if i try to hard to make my life interesting, i'll be focusing on trying to have something to do, rather than trying to appreciate the simple things in my life, and appreciate less when i do bigger stuff. so i'm not gonna be excessive and try to do too many things. maybe just make a little bit more effort to get out of the house more on the weekends by planning bigger things, and finding more meaning in little things that i do.

so i bbq'ed up some galbi ribs today. they were pretty good. i'd give it a 7.5 out of a potential 10. mainly because my bbq grill really sucks. can't get any grill marks. and #2, my mom makes everything a little bland. she likes to water down stuff. i think just a little bit of this and that will make it great. throw them on a good bbq and watch out.

i'm gonna go to comic con directly after work tomorrow. and i should be back after that to work out at rimac later that day. i'm worried about diem. i was talking to her today and she was telling me how she's lost the motivation to work out. i was just about to tell her how proud i was that she was just able to start one day and keep it up for a good 4.5 weeks so far without straying at least once. and then she tells me that it's getting harder for her. i think the mistake that a lot of people make is trying to look for that motivation to get to the gym everyday. motivation will get you started, but will only carry you for so long. i think what she hasn't established yet is dedication. here's the definition of dedication:

A devoting or setting aside for any particular purpose

I'd like to think of it as blind commitment without any particular reason. This way, if you somehow lose the interest in your goals, you will still be getting yourself to the gym. This will help you establish a routine. And when you see results, it feels more like a gift, not something you were expecting. Gives you less to be dissappointed about when you don't see results for a while. It is important that you become dedicated to something like working out.

For some this may be hard. Especially for people who lead their life by letting desire and passion be their prime (sometimes only) motivators in what they do in life. This is how I used to live my life. And it's a really pure way to lead your life, but there's a big flaw in it. You'll find yourself never really being commited to anything for a long time. Also you'll be terrible with managing money if you let desire do the shopping. Only advice i can give to that person, other than trying to change how they lead their lives is to blindly insert going to the gym every day into their routines. sleeping, eating, going to the gym, going to the bathroom. all the same thing. it's something you gotta do. it's not something you choose or plan to do. just say, "i go to the gym everyday at 5pm from now on." don't even try to justify it or even put any thought into it. it has been said, and it will be done from now on. you shouldn't even be asking the question "till when?" if you are, you're already putting too much thought into it. another advice i can give is, you shouldn't have to plan your trip to the gym on a daily basis. go at the same hour everyday. and plan your schedule around that. it's not like you plan to sleep at different hours of your day so that it fits your schedule better. your schedule gets planned around your routine. so first comes the motivation, then fueled by dedication, and maintained by routine. after it has become routine, motivation and dedication doesn't matter any more. and the rewards will be sweeter because that will be more of a surprise gift, than something you know that was coming to you while you wait.

on to other roommate has heavy feet. he's a stomper. you notice when and where he walks to. doesn't bother me. but i wonder if the neighbors downstairs notice. especially since he's up later than I am. he's the only roommate that I've had that has out lasted me in the whee hours in the morning. I thought I was bad, and I know I'm worse than everyone who complains that they stay up late. but i finally have met someone who sleeps after i do. bravo.

i saw amelie today. it was a great movie. there's just so many good things about the movie. the art direction. the shots. originality. creativity. and it has something you can take home too. i won't go into detail, but it's a movie you shouldn't miss. i hope to watch it again and get the things i've missed.

it's been long since it has rained. i like the blue skies. can't complain. but a little rain is good too. i think i'll make thursday hang out with diem and maybe some other people night. and friday, i'm gonna see if jeff wants to go see goldmember. this week is now full.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

it's not the first time i've made this realization, but damn, i need more daily adventures. my blogs center around food... and the fact that most meals are health foods, makes my blog all that more boring. I think I'll try to plan my days out in advance so i have more to blog about. And maybe even go to some clubs that some of my friends invite me to.

here's the schedule so far.

Today: bbq up some home made kalbi ribs, watch Amelie

Wednesday: Comic con preview



Saturday: Comic con

Sunday: Tennis

I might hit up Comic Con again for a little bit on Friday to catch an indie film. I also want to see goldmember.
on sunday, i got the surf and turf burrito at JV's with Tommy. I dunno what's in that burrito (maybe horse tranquilizers? aka Ketamine aka Special K). It happened last time too. We would eat the burrito and pass out for like 2-3 hours. Then we decided to check out Tapioca Express. We get there and all they got is small bobas. But I realize today that I like the little balls. I think I'll get them small next time.

i worked at the consulting gig till 4am. then came home, and i knew they were gonna call in the morning. so they call at 9am, pretty pissed (she was about to explode on the phone). luckily i sensed it and solved the problem. they thought i had lost all 700+ of their contacts. anyways, i didn't have to drive there this morning, which is good cause i'm sick of that place. with having awful sleep, stressed out, and my back still giving me problems, i called in sick.

i'll say this again. it's not worth it. this consulting gig was more of a trial. wanted to see what it was like doing consulting work. i liked it when i did it for free. but when they start paying you to do critical stuff, that's when it gets stressful. did some laundry, and went to go work out a little later than usual. got there at 6, worked out till 7:30. then i decided to go shopping and stop by el cotixan to get some shredded beef burritos. if you ditch the tortilla, the meat is pretty lean. but still, when i got there, i wasn't craving it any more, so i just went home and decided it was best to eat at home and save money.

my back is still healing, but i'm impressed with it's progress. tomorrow should be a more exciting day after work. i'd like some boba too tomorrow, but I don't think we'll be able to squeeze that in.

tickets to vegas is only $19 till who knows when. i just want to go there, watch the fountains at night, eat some bellagio buffet, and gamble some and come back.

i've been a little more loose on my diet. i'm still doing the 40-30-30 every chance i could, but it seems like i've had a lot of "interruptions" this month. still, when i'm alone, i generally make the right decisions. when i go to the market, it's usually, lettuce, bananas, water, wheat bread. only junk food i buy is beef jerky. it's all protein anyway. at least it's not a snickers bar, a donut, a bag of chips, or any other crap i haven't bought for myself this year. my grocery list is pretty impressive, considering my grocery list from last year used to be about 15 TV dinners, beef jerky, and some chips, and some other crap i don't even buy any more. how in the world did i even consider that food? well, i am still paying for it now. luckily the time it takes to work off the damage is less than the time it took to accumulate the stuff. well, kinda. it is easier to get fat than healthy. all you have to do is eat junk food all day. but then again, i never knew what i had to do to get healthy, so i'm basically trying to get rid of the fat i've accumulated since i was born. i think i'm not making sense. it's late.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

tommy came over on friday. i went to my consulting gig. was supposed to be an easy upgrade, but damn. the machine won't boot any more. so i'm gonna go back tomorrow and focus. what a pain in the ass. i'm sitting there with my backache saying to myself how it's not worth it. well, this is the last critical machine. i think the other machine will be less trouble. and after that i'll probably not hear from them much any more. next clients i'll quote $75/hr. if they say no, i don't care. maybe i should quote higher. like $100 an hour. i do meticulous work. it might be overkill for my current clients, but it usually gets done right the first time. eh, even for 100 an hour, i don't even want to deal with the stress. plus for a 100 an hour, they probably think they own your soul. eh, enough of this consulting crap. no more consulting after this, until further notice.

so yeah, today, i was supposed to go to the gym in the morning, meet up travis and diem. but i was nursing my back. i hurt it pretty bad on friday. damn, i soooo regret it. how stupid of me. so just stayed and rested in my bed. then finally got to rimac, and did my cardio, back and ab exercises. then went to phil's bbq. then went to this place called "sips". it's a boba place. our tapioca milk tea was too damn sweet. eh, i don't think i'll be going there again.

tomorrow, i dunno what tommy wants to do. wanna hang out, but not too late cause i'll just be worried about getting that computer all day. i dunno what i'm worrying about more. worried that i'll spend too much time and having to charge them too much money, or something going wrong to where i can't fix it by monday. oh well. if i had to choose differently, i'd have to choose hanging out with friends rather than being a whore for money. its maybe cause i have already chosen to not work for money. i wanna let money work for me. ; )

Friday, July 26, 2002

i was checking myself out in the mirror today. and wow. i've made so much progress. i just couldn't be more pleased on how my body is turning out. i'm beaming.....

maybe beginning in 2003, i'll be a personal trainer to some of my friends who need more guidance more than others. free of charge. i wish i could help my dad. he's gotten pretty fat. too bad he doesn't live in san diego.

gotta fess up. went to bully's today. had a 11oz cut of prime rib. had it rare. very lean cut. almost no visible fat. i had the baked potato with only chives and nothing else. still very good. had french onion soup and one small piece of bread. all in all, it wasn't a 300 calorie meal, but for steak, i couldn't have done any better. i was treating my friend out for his birthday. what was i to do? make him a turkey sandwich? this friend doesn't like any form of asian food. so we went to anthony's (yes, healthy) in down town sd, and they quoted us 40 minutes. so we cruised around gaslamp, then decided to go to gas lamp. then we found out how busy it was over there so we decided to go to cheesecake. then on the way i suggested bully's. i think bully's was a better suggestion than cheesecake. in cheesecake, all i would get is carbs doused in butter fried in oil.

damn today is hot. the next 10 day forecast couldn't be any more perfect. it's great to live in la jolla.
w00t! 17.4! ran 2.5 miles today. felt good after too. could have done 3....but didn't want to over do it. it's time to change up my cardio. back in the gym i go for my cardio. gotta go to work tomorrow. then lift. then work at my consulting gig. never really wanted to be a whore for money. but i need the cash. damn credit card bills.

seems like astalavista and thecrack has been sold to some profit organizations. here are the other links i've found are (mostly crap):




CRX ftps list

Serias2k Update

Welcome to the new Direct Downloads Dot Com


SnOoPyWaReZ - Your #1 Source for Warez

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

today wasn't much fun at all. i went to work, then was going to run, and realized i forgot my shorts, so i drove home and back to rimac field. ran 2 miles, came back home and worked till 12. i think i'm gonna use those extra hours for a haircut i've been meaning to get...i'll just go get a haircut during an extended lunch.

i want to lose a lot more body fat but i don't think i've reduced at all the last week and a half. maybe cause my meals have been a little slacking a bit. since i'm busy at work, i'll forget to eat the fat, and only eat the carbs and protein, then double up on the fat later. and sometimes i just don't make it up at all. i have been building though.... i gotta get back to eating like a machine. i also gotta pick up my cereal from travis. before my lactaid expires. those last for about 6 weeks.

funny how this works out, but i'm getting off creatine in exactly a week. i think since i won't have the creatine, i'll just use that month to tone, and do more cardio after workouts. i think diem and wendy will benefit more from that too.

my roommate is going to china for 4 weeks. i gotta make sure i get the bill and stuff from him before he leaves. it'll be an empty house once again. anyone want to sleep over for a few weeks? i promise you, you'll get more fit, and eat more healthy.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

just had a piercing revelation. the reason my parents work so hard to try to give us an abundant financial backbone is because a big financial sum was what my dad's parents left him. he managed to blow that money away (bought a car, junked it in a month. took the family to to eat out daily), and we lived poor until somewhat recently. i should take this as a precautionary warning so i don't do the same thing. sounds like something i would do. but analyzing other things, i think my dad blew that money off because he doesn't like things given to him that he didn't earn. whenever someone gave him free food, he'll always complain about it's bitterness. whenever he got anything of value, he'd most likely give it away or think it was worthless. he really wants to make it on his own without any help at all. our family's financial situation went to the absolute bottom of the barrel, when i was about 4. me, i'm the type of person that is comfortable to claim the same amount of success with a lot of help from people like my parents. as long as i am successful and able to make a lot of money from my financial decisions......back to the book.

Monday, July 22, 2002

today was little bit hectic for me. went to work, then went to my consulting gig for an hour, back to work, then worked out. then came home and showered so i can roll in jeff's new skyline. i took a power nap on my recliner, then he came to pick me up, and we hung out at tapioca express for about an hour and a half. it's amazing how much attention the car attracted. in convoy, i think it attracted at least, if not more attention than a ferrari would have. we've gone there in a nsx before and people just glanced for a sec. that's all. not with the skyline. i'm sitting there saying to myself, damn, if i had the money, i'd buy jeff's other vspec 2 just for the attention. it was cool to see people coming up to my friend just being mind blown of the fact that they are looking at an actual r34. and how it's their dream car. the fact is that probably most of the people didn't know how much of a better car it is to a vspec ii. this one guy was just speechless when he wanted to talk to my friend. my friend was kind enough to let him sit in it for a few seconds. i bet we'll hear stories from him on the internet about how he got to sit in one, and touched the steering wheel. i don't think i would be as excited in sitting in my favorite car (even after purchase), the 360 Modena Spider (Silver F1 of course.). ; ) it's nice to have generous and down to earth friends. you can share the excitement and it kinda feels like the new thing they got is partly yours. i can't wait till he breaks it in, puts the mods he wants, and then launches it. unfortunately this won't be a reality for who knows how long. the nur is not certified like the vspec ii, so he drives with a dealer plate on it until DOT starts accepting more cars in for certification. until then jeff can't modify it. and when it's in DOT, who knows how long it takes. the vspec ii took forever. enough about cars. another person we rolled with was this chinese guy who drove a mustang cobra with 1200 horses that can do a quarter mile in 9.1 seconds. faster than jeff hopes to take with his skyline. but at least the skyline will turn. i'll probably eventually take a ride in the mustang and describe how it feels to ride a car that is like Superman the ride at every light. i think i'm getting car sick already.

i'm nearing the day when i gotta get off creatine. i regret not taking stretching until now. i will have to wait a whole month before i'm on creatine again. damn.

well, more about the car. the front grill is pretty damn low. about as low as the nsx we rode in. i'd probably rip the grill right off the first day if i had a car like that considering i like to get real close to the cement block when i park. also, the ride is very stiff. you can feel every bump in the road. but then again, the seats were very comfortable. his gps doesn't work, and neither does the radio. this guy at tapioca express was telling him that you can get a module that's fairly common for japanese cars so it can work when the car gets imported. i think he should get xm or something. that'd be cooler. the lcd monitor has rgb inputs so he should be able to get anything else to project on that screen, maybe he can even get a gps system without a lcd monitor, so it will look stock. unfortunately, i didn't take my camera. but i think i didn't primarily because he expressed earlier that he didn't want pictures of his nur on the web. his spec ii pics are fine, and i have posted them on my blog before. but the nur, for some reason didn't want pics to be posted. i think his reasoning behind it was, everyone knows what a vspec ii looks like, but not too many people really know about the differences between a nur and a vspec ii. so maybe it's to protect himself from any posers like paul walker replacing his badge and claiming to have a real nur. if you want to look, for pics on the web, here's a link off of

damn, i'm still on a sugar rush right now.......damn boba. i actually feel my body burning it off though. it's an interesting feeling. i should start reading that book. it's my window to financial riches. even without the book, according to my dad, in about a year half to 2 years from now, i shouldn't have to pay rent any more, and i should have all the money i make to spend, while still being able to make at least a million (probably a few million as property and inflation goes up) in 30 years to retire with. out of all the false promises that he's made over the years, this one seems pretty legit, cause i know at least the money is there. erik and i discussed alternate plans for both of us to become slumlords of san diego. don't really want to discuss the details, but future looks mighty bright. near future too. maybe i'll have to buy a skyline of my own. a silver one, not jeff's white spec 2. but if i go with erik's evil plan, i could also get a 911 turbo, and a 360 modena spider. also, in 2 years, i should have a body to match my success. then when i've got money to invest in, i'll start my own boba/coffee "club", and a kimchi franchise right here in san diego. it all seems like a dream. like i'm gonna wake up and find myself in the hole again. but it's more that it's gonna happen faster than i can imagine it happening, than it not becoming a reality at all. these last 2 years happened in a blink of an eye it seems.

it's a little weird to picture my family being a wealthy family, because we were pretty damn poor growing up. even now, seeing where i live, and what i drive, the contrast of what we grew up with is mind blowing. my dad made less than what a person with a minimum wage job did for a few years and still managed to raise us. they didn't put us through college, but they sent us off to college which is still a great accomplishment. i never felt that i belonged to a poor family, like the one i grew up with. but then again, i never knew realized we were one of the more poorer families that went to my high school. i feel like our family always projected "old money", when we never actually had money. so our new roles in things to come should be a smooth transition. at least for me and how i see our family adapting. we'll project "old money" but it will be "new money" to us. i dunno about my dad though. he's the only one who really did grow up in a rich family, but would be least likely to project any wealth because of the stuff he likes to wear and things he likes to collect. basically he wears things from garage sales, and collects junk from garage sales. if i ever had to clean up the garage, i'd have to fill one of those steel garbage cans that the garage trucks pick up, over the course of a few weeks. we have that much, useless rusted junk in our new garage and new place in gardena.

right now, issue with me is, i feel that from a pretty early age, i managed to pretty much make it on my own. and since my parents didn't really help me with money, i have no interest helping out my kids when they get to college. but it looks like my parents wish they could have, or at least, since they have money now, be able to pay us back for the college loans that we are currently paying off. i was going to suggest to them that they should, but they brought the subject up them selves this weekend. so i was pretty impressed when they mentioned they wanted to. not really relieved, but hey, that money would be good, and flat out get me out of debt. maybe i'll want to return the favor to my kids when this actually happens. if it does not, my kids will put them selves through college like i did. speaking of the book (rich dad poor dad), i think i'm gonna start reading. i think i typed through about 3 newsradio episodes so far. gonna stop
measured 17.9%. not bad considering i thought my body had recoiled after 17.8 back to 20. my abs finally have healed since wednesday. i hope next time it won't hurt. i think i'll take it a little easy tomorrow on the abs to avoid what happened wednesday.

i'm excited about the book i bought. another one people have been mentioning to me is "who moved my cheese?" as silly as it sounds, it's supposed to be a book that encourages you to break out of the mold, or try new things. i don't think i have any problems trying new things. even though i'm pretty much punished everything by almost regretting not sticking to the norm.

jeff got his skyline spec nur today. too bad i wasn't around today to roll with him. he said he attracted a lot of attention. man, when we roll up for some boba, we're gonna make the rice boys shit their pants. espscially the ones who have converted their honda accords to have skyline lights and grill....and the ones who put GTR badges on their sentras.

speaking of cars, my drive home was a bit agressive. hit 125 one stretch. must have averaged at least 105 from irvine. man, i gotta get a slower car. maybe i'll buy a nice looking hybrid. too bad they don't make one.
wow, it's been 4 days from my last post. must be a record. went to LA this weekend. saw a few friends, ate dinner with family, played ddr with my bro. ate pretty unhealthy last night and all of today. well, but it wasn't junk food. still lot of protein, carbs, and probably the fat was the only questionable item. the portions were a bit, since they were at a restaurant. but i was thinking, that maybe my body needs a little change now and then. to tell you the truth, i think it has adusted to my machine like eating habits. i just feel that it has happened. maybe i've somewhat shocked the system this weekend.

bought the book rich dad poor dad today. i hope at the very least it will help me save money.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

First day I played DDR at home: 1/26/2002

First day I went to the gym to bike: 3/17/2002

First day I went to the gym to work out with machines, and dumb bells: 3/22/2002

Day I started to seperate lifting and the cardio exercises completely: 3/29/2002

Day I started to do bike correctly to achieve an efficient cardio workout: 3/31/2002

Started changing my diet gradually: 4/1/2002

First day to plateau for 12 minutes on the bike at my max: 4/4/2002

Changed my diet completely: 4/17/2002

Day I started to work out on mostly freeweights: 4/30/2002

Incorporation of the protein bar into my diet: 5/5/2002

Started drinking protein shakes: 5/8/2002

First day to do level 5 plateau for 12 minutes on the bike: 5/13/2002

Changed from trying to plateau on level 5, to doing 20 minutes on level 4: 5/15/2002

Started taking creatine: 5/27/2002

Started 5 day loading with creatine: 6/2/2002

Got body fat scale: 6/2/2002

Started running: 6/3/2002

Started loading with creatine with non-acidic juice: 6/5/2002

Started doing interval training when running: 6/26/2002

Started working out at RIMAC and taking NatrualOne: 7/1/2002

Changed my workout schedule (lift m w f, cardio tu th sat): 7/4/2002

Started taking Fish Oil: 7/7/2002

Made stretching a higher priority: 7/18/2002

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

just passed wc3. the people who have been knocking the game have not obviously played. i can honestly say that it's the best developed game i have played. i don't like rpg, and still won't touch rpg games, but this game still managed to make me do rpg style playing without boring me to death, while still keeping everything warcraft like. the stuff that the units say when you click on them is great. can't wait to hear everything. the ending is hilarious. i could not have thought of funnier lines myself. so that's a big complement to them.

anyways, i've been playing wc3 all night. it's 3am now. eek. i ran today. tomorrow i work on bi's and back. and forearms. hmm...then onto costco. damn, where is my atem card? i fear it's been delivered elsewhere.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

17.8. sure doesn't feel like it though. maybe cause i'm full right now, and also retaining water from eating too much beef jerky. if those readings are true, i guess i must have really plateaued for a while a few months ago. i was stuck at 20 for a while i thought. with the amount of workouts i'm doing i should be burning .1 to .2 lbs of fat a day just when i'm working out so those numbers seem more right. i didn't really believe in plateauing and changing up workouts, but now i'm a true believer.

i lifted today. i don't think i ate properly or something cause i didn't get a good work out at all cause i felt like i didn't have energy for much. maybe my body is still recovering from tennis. only thing that needs recovering actually are my hamstrings. i've been streching them, but they still feel like they could use more stretching. i hope they'll be okay when i run tomorrow. didn't do much today. my new atm card isn't here yet so i went to go make a deposit at the atm, and realized i couldnt. hmmm. atm's should let you make deposits without atm cards as long as you can verify your checking account # and pin. it's not like i'm trying to make a withdrawl.

anyways, got home, played warcarft 3 for 1.5 hours. then i got the urge to cook some spagetti, so i went to the market. started cooking at 11pm, and finished cooking, and cleaning at 12:45. it came out pretty good. might have used a little too much garlic but oh well. almost perfect. i made 8 servings. ate one. cooked the chicken seperately so i can do my 40-30-30 ratio. ohly fat in there is the fat from the olive oil. so maybe except the addtional 100 calories with the noodles per serving i made, everything is still in check. now it's almost 2am, and i'm going to sleep too late again. sigh.....

Monday, July 15, 2002

i think i'm gonna snap one day, get 2 raid 5 cards, 12 200gb IDE harddrives, 2 48x burners, 2 16x dvd drives, and 2 52x cdrom drives, and split them up between my 2 computers. hopefully, this will be the end all solution storage space. the non harddrive related stuff i can do right now for ~266, but my next upgrade would be the 12 200gb harddrives on raid 5. it should net me 1600gb with redundancy and speed. then again, technology is just starting to reveal itself, and 200gb harddrives is just the beginning. maybe i'll hold off.
oh yeah, jeff should be getting his skyline r34 spec nur tomorrow. should be sweet when we roll up to tapioca express. : )
i seriously doubt my body fat has gone down i'm not gonna even try getting on the scale. i'm sore from tennis from yesterday. it must have been the fact that i did a hard lower body workout, then played tennis hard the next day.

went to the opening of tapioca express today. then i found out later that green tea house had "free tapioca milk tea" sign posted. so we go there, and we find out that it's buy one get one free. that's like false advertising. but they said the tapioca milk tea was a dollar. and then one of them tasted funny. what a rip off. what a way to make sure your customers never return, after a better place opens up next door. i think i'll be going to tapioca express from now on. it's my new coffee cartel. without the coffee. : )

played a lot of warcraft today. hung out with jeff a little bit. then with wendy in the evening. damn, it's 1:30 already. i'm not sure if i'm gonna make it in to work by 8:30 tomorrow.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

18.2! well, my body fat isn't exactly 18.2, but just keeping track on what the lowest readings i've gotten so far are.

didn't do much today. played tennis with wendy. played a lot of warcraft 3. i'm 1/4 done with the game. you know, a lot of people have said negative things about the game on how it basically is the same game wc2 was. they need to give it a try. it's so refined. so much better. it's not just about what you build first, what you build second, etc. and then doing it in the same order over and over again every game you play. and the things they say when you keep clicking on them is hilarious. another thing is when you tell the grunt to attack the enemy, it'll say something really hilarious. like "i'm dead." quite a few monty python lines in there too. i give the game a 5 for originality, but a 11 (out of 10, yes, mathematically not possible).

Friday, July 12, 2002

measured 18.5 on the bodyfat scale today. chip chip chip. been eating beef jerky though...feel a little bloated. had a monsterous craving for el cotixan today....the beef burrito is not too bad. all protein. not much fat cause it's stewed. doesn't feel too fatty. didn't eat any of the tortilla. just needed to get rid of the craving. : \ can't seem to go to sleep at 12. hopefully i'll be in before 10 tomorrow at least. tomorrow i work out lower body

Thursday, July 11, 2002

measured 18.7 on the bodyfat scale! that is all. gnite
damn 2am already. i was supposed to go to sleep at 12. tomorrow. i gots to do it tomorrow. if i can't do it for work, i gotta do it for my health. it will help me raise my testosterone. i think NaturalOne wasn't the culprit of my sickness. maybe i'll start taking it at the night again. the sickness was due to the slightly not so fresh salmon. anyways, didn't do too much today. worked out and came home. that's all. what else could i be doing? maybe learning something i guess. if i go out, i spend money, and mess up my diet. maybe i'll pick up the guitar again. maybe i'll trade in both my guitars for a nice Taylor steelstring. i would like 3 guitars though. A classic nylon string (good ones are $300). A nice Taylor steel string $800-$1200, and a Fender American strat $450-$500. but that would be a serious investment. and i currently don't play both of my guitars much at all. eh, or maybe not. my current fender stratocaster is good for practicing. oh well, i don't feel unproductive when i'm at home anyways. i still need to finish harry potter 3, read harry potter 4. i think i'll do that. give my brain an exercise. maybe i'll even pick up a math book. hehe. i can always learn things so much faster when it wasn't for school. people will think i'm crazy when they ask me what i've been doing though. : ) maybe i'll just have to lie. boy i think of some stupid stuff when i let my mind wander. what i should be doing is doing something so i can advance in my career. maybe i'll read that rich dad poor dad book everyone's reading.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

my body fat scale measured 18.8 today. good stuff. making progress. no other news today. faster the days go means less time i'll have to wait till my next workout.

Monday, July 8, 2002

today was an "ok" day at best. woke up. ate...then took a nap for 2's weird. i'm fine when i don't take naps, but when i'm at home, i just want to take naps. i think the problem is that i don't sleep well. maybe i should go to sleep earlier. maybe that's the problem. then i jeff came over and wanted to get boba. so we got boba at this new place. it was horrible. i drank maybe 1/10 of mine, and i threw it away. so did jeff. we were so bummed that we paid $4 and we got crap. then i went to walmart to get some glucosamine sulfate and fish oil.

Here are all the supplements i'm taking daily.

2 Vitamin C 500mg

2 Glucosamine Sulfate 1000mg

3 Fish Oil 1000mg

10g Creatine

5-10g Glutamine

1 Centrum

2 Calcium 500mg

10 NaturalOne

So I take 20 pills a day. I think I'm gonna lower my intake of NaturalOne to only one serving a day, which lowers it to 5 capsules. when i got to walmart, i couldn't decide if i should get fish oil or flaxseed oil. they generally seem to have the same effect, but fish oil sounds like it would be more benefiscial if you're lifting, and flax seed oil is for when you are just trying to get healthy. you can probably take both, but i'm just gonna take fish oil for now. i'll eventually get off the creatine, naturalone (cause of the price and possible side effects), maybe glutamine when i'm doing maintenance rather than building and that's when i'll take flaxseed oil and green tea in capsules. glutamine comes mixed in to my protein shake, and it seems safe enough so maybe i'll keep the glutamine. vitamin c, calcium, fish oil and glucosamine sulfate seems like really good stuff that most people are not taking. i'll probably always take these with my multivitamin from now on. well, i had pho today, and some spring rolls. damn, now i feel guilty. it wasn't the best decision. at least it wasn't sam woo's. i think i've reached my threshhold on eating those sandwiches. i did manage to eat them for 3 months straight, and now it feels like i don't even want to think of them any more. i'll still eat them at work, but not at home. i think that's why i've been wanting to eat out more...

Sunday, July 7, 2002

oh yeah, i replaced my cable modem and my upload is smokin'. i renewed my domain for a year, and redid the dns servers on granitecanyon and zoneedit. time to make use of my webserver again. :)
damn, i thought i posted what i wrote, but i guess i didn't. i had an eventful day. kept busy all day. paid bills, ran errands, did some shopping at express for men and banana republic. had fun at nguyen's birthday dinner at the butcher shop, and we went back to his place and we all watched the others. didn't have time to do cardio. still feel a little sick. maybe it is the naturalone i'm taking. oh well, i only got a week supply left anyways. i'll do cardio tomorrow no matter what though.

Saturday, July 6, 2002

aw shit. i think i lost my atm card again. left it in the atm again i think. damn! i have a feeling that it might be in diem's car...cause i swore i saw it....i'm gonna give her a call tomorrow and hope i didn't lose it again.

i ate at the barona buffett....not too clean.....i must admit i've slipped a little this week on my strict diet....and even missed one day of cardio...but i was sick. i'm eating at the butcher shop tomorrow also....damn. after tomorrow i gotta eat cleaner. might be a little harder cause wendy's gonna be back in town starting friday.......i gotta realize that i can't reward myself too much for being too good when only half the battle is won. shooting for perfection here.....

Friday, July 5, 2002

today was a pretty uneventful day. i think i got sick from something i ate, so i just stayed home mostly. strage enough, i was craving 7-11 nachos all day. i gave in cause i was sick. and i thought with the indigestion it was gonna really do me in, especially with the amount of tabasco i used, but surprisingly after i ate it, my stomach actually feels better. like i'll be well enough tomorrow. maybe i'll lay off the high protein for a little while. i think that might be the cause of these problems....or it could have been the not so fresh salmon i ate raw.

added some more features to my blogger. still not happy with it. maybe i'll have to play around with the overall look of it rather than just tweaking it.

tomorrow is another day of work. i'm gonna come home around 3 for the cable guy. and then go work out with diem.

i had requested friday off, but i didn't get it. my boss took it off though. a little unfair. because if i had friday off, it would have been a 4 day weekend, but since i need to work on friday, i couldn't do jack shit today. or do anything away from home. feels like i got shafted.

Thursday, July 4, 2002

i've made some changes to my blog. changed all the colors, added links, put in a pic. : )

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

finally got my cell phone today. it took just about a year to get. played raquetball with diem today. didn't feel like enough cardio. she seemed pretty beat though. i gotta get her endurance up so i can still make progress with my cardio. ;)

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

doh, this NaturalOne thing I'm makes me feel real the room is 95 degrees when it is actually 80. and i just found out that i've read the label wrong. i'm supposed to take 5 capsules twice a day, not take one capsule twice a day. i wonder how that's gonna make me feel. i hope not too hot. but i guess it's definitely potent stuff. i worked out with diem today at rimac after work. can't seem to make any progress on the bench press. maybe its not the abs i should be worrying about. maybe i should worry about the pecs.

Monday, July 1, 2002

today i ran a bunch of errands. went to costco. went to nutri-sport. was gonna get my car washed, but it was too late. borrowed a switch from the resnet office. i went to Mitsuwa and Nigiya to see if they had any poke. they didn't, but they had cheap sashimi tuna cubes that i can make poke with. so all i have to do is get the recipie. and i'll be in poke heaven. when i was at nutri-sport, i asked them if they had anything that would help increase my testosterone. so i bought this thing called naturalone. supposedly it should increase my testosterone and supress cortisol. sounds good to me. : ) all i felt like i did all day was eat. i ran doing interval training. i think i'm making progress at running. i had a pretty boring day. forgot to eat an apple today. time to drink my v8 and go to sleep.