Wednesday, July 31, 2002

i think if i try to hard to make my life interesting, i'll be focusing on trying to have something to do, rather than trying to appreciate the simple things in my life, and appreciate less when i do bigger stuff. so i'm not gonna be excessive and try to do too many things. maybe just make a little bit more effort to get out of the house more on the weekends by planning bigger things, and finding more meaning in little things that i do.

so i bbq'ed up some galbi ribs today. they were pretty good. i'd give it a 7.5 out of a potential 10. mainly because my bbq grill really sucks. can't get any grill marks. and #2, my mom makes everything a little bland. she likes to water down stuff. i think just a little bit of this and that will make it great. throw them on a good bbq and watch out.

i'm gonna go to comic con directly after work tomorrow. and i should be back after that to work out at rimac later that day. i'm worried about diem. i was talking to her today and she was telling me how she's lost the motivation to work out. i was just about to tell her how proud i was that she was just able to start one day and keep it up for a good 4.5 weeks so far without straying at least once. and then she tells me that it's getting harder for her. i think the mistake that a lot of people make is trying to look for that motivation to get to the gym everyday. motivation will get you started, but will only carry you for so long. i think what she hasn't established yet is dedication. here's the definition of dedication:

A devoting or setting aside for any particular purpose

I'd like to think of it as blind commitment without any particular reason. This way, if you somehow lose the interest in your goals, you will still be getting yourself to the gym. This will help you establish a routine. And when you see results, it feels more like a gift, not something you were expecting. Gives you less to be dissappointed about when you don't see results for a while. It is important that you become dedicated to something like working out.

For some this may be hard. Especially for people who lead their life by letting desire and passion be their prime (sometimes only) motivators in what they do in life. This is how I used to live my life. And it's a really pure way to lead your life, but there's a big flaw in it. You'll find yourself never really being commited to anything for a long time. Also you'll be terrible with managing money if you let desire do the shopping. Only advice i can give to that person, other than trying to change how they lead their lives is to blindly insert going to the gym every day into their routines. sleeping, eating, going to the gym, going to the bathroom. all the same thing. it's something you gotta do. it's not something you choose or plan to do. just say, "i go to the gym everyday at 5pm from now on." don't even try to justify it or even put any thought into it. it has been said, and it will be done from now on. you shouldn't even be asking the question "till when?" if you are, you're already putting too much thought into it. another advice i can give is, you shouldn't have to plan your trip to the gym on a daily basis. go at the same hour everyday. and plan your schedule around that. it's not like you plan to sleep at different hours of your day so that it fits your schedule better. your schedule gets planned around your routine. so first comes the motivation, then fueled by dedication, and maintained by routine. after it has become routine, motivation and dedication doesn't matter any more. and the rewards will be sweeter because that will be more of a surprise gift, than something you know that was coming to you while you wait.

on to other roommate has heavy feet. he's a stomper. you notice when and where he walks to. doesn't bother me. but i wonder if the neighbors downstairs notice. especially since he's up later than I am. he's the only roommate that I've had that has out lasted me in the whee hours in the morning. I thought I was bad, and I know I'm worse than everyone who complains that they stay up late. but i finally have met someone who sleeps after i do. bravo.

i saw amelie today. it was a great movie. there's just so many good things about the movie. the art direction. the shots. originality. creativity. and it has something you can take home too. i won't go into detail, but it's a movie you shouldn't miss. i hope to watch it again and get the things i've missed.

it's been long since it has rained. i like the blue skies. can't complain. but a little rain is good too. i think i'll make thursday hang out with diem and maybe some other people night. and friday, i'm gonna see if jeff wants to go see goldmember. this week is now full.

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