Thursday, September 30, 2004

one post for september

haven't really done much this month. my back is still not up to shape to do anything other than go to work and sit all day. i did start stretching a few days ago and its helping lots. i noticed that my abs and calves are super tight. just stretching these every days seems to be making a really noticable positive difference.

just found out today on cnn's front page that the medication i've been taking, Vioxx, has just been pulled. i guess it'll have to force me to change my medication after all. its a good thing since my body has adapted to all the anti-inflammatory effects of Vioxx, and it feels like it hasn't been doing squat for at least the last two months.

one other thing i started doing this month is play online poker. i finally put some money into an account and have been trying different games. Ring games from penny NL, to .02/.04 - 1/2 Limit. Also playing the Sit & Go mini tourneys. I think I've figured out how to stay in the positive in different games of Hold em, but what hurts my bankroll is the lack of patience. I know what not to do, but I don't follow through. because even in these small stakes, the yield is not really too significant if you play in a controlled manner. i think once this month is over, I'm gonna try to play in a $1-$3 big tournament at least once a week. maybe a few times a week if I'm up to it. I just need to win one and I'll be up at least $1000. that'll be nice.

so I'm gonna continue stretching and this should help me get back to my usual activities. i wanna go back to the gym. i miss it quite a bit.