Friday, August 2, 2002

17.0! damn, i was hoping to move down to 16's today, but oh well, it will come soon. so technically i'm burning 2% body fat a month. setember 1st, i should be down to 15 (3 weeks ahead of my goal). october 13%. november 11%. december 9%. Jan 1, 7%. Since I'm recording the lowest number being read, it'll be realistically 8% give or take 1% that fluctuates during the day. probably that's a little wishful thinking. i'm guessing after i cross my body's level of homeostasis, it will try to regulate my body fat, so 8% by end of this year might not be possible, and could be dangerous. That's up to my body though. Who knows what my body is capable of.

8/01 17.0

7/31 17.3

7/25 17.4

7/21 17.9

7/13 18.2

7/11 18.5

7/10 18.7

7/09 18.8

I wish I had gotten that body fat scale sooner. It would be an interesting chart. I'm going to guess It wouldn't be a straight curve. more of a algebraic equation. because back when i was starting, i had low metabolism, and i didn't have the endurance to do long cardio activities. probably beginning this year, my body fat was high as 25%.

I used to have 45 lbs of fat (25% of 180)

I will have 12.8 lbs of fat (8% of 160) 160 being my projected weight for end of 2002.

32.2 of fat i will have burned

or 112700 fat calories i had to burn off.

12,522g of extra fat stored in my body.

that's exactly a half year supply of all the fat you should eat in 6 months.

damn, what am i doing still up.

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