Monday, October 22, 2007

the time for hoping has passed

being just a few miles south west from mandatory evacuated areas, and seeing the forecasts for extreme dry wind conditions until thursday there is a very high probability that the fire will sweep through. if not today, the next 2 days. these fires don't destroy everything in its path. it seems like when the fires pass through, its just random chance that you'll get hit. looking around the house, there is as much or as little personal proprety i want to see. i say that because i'm not going to save the big items, mostly my furniture. they are definitely worth money, and will need to be replaced, but if i had to replace them, I wouldn't replace them with identical brands/models. even though I don't own much, its still at the very least going to be a few thousands of dollars lost that I don't have covered though insurance. its an interesting play on the mind because on a normal day, losing a $20 or a $100 bill would be a pretty awful day. but right now, I feel pretty content that if I were to lose everything i couldn't take with me, it wouldn't ruin my day. Its funny how the mind works.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Its the shops in vegas that sells pretty cool magic tricks and not just some sponge balls. They are at every casino. Sometimes even 2. Well anyway, that stored has ruined any kind of magic for me. You would think learning a few magic tricks, it wouldn't ruin all magic for you. But it has. I can sum up all magic in 2 words. Elaborate planning. Elaborating in that, it can be just an unexpected amount of effort one would go through to pull off a simple magic trick, whether its practicing the sleight of hand for hours, days, or weeks just for one trick, hiring people that are in on it, or wearing some kind of a apparatus a casual observer would never imagine someone would go through the trouble wearing for extended periods of time. Its beautiful in the way that it exploits the blind gaps that the brain fills in. But once you learn how a few good tricks work, you have jumped over to the other side. Nothing floats, disappears, or bends the rules of physics anymore. Any magic trick I see, I only watch to figure out what he's doing. The harder to figure out, the more elaborate the planning (more people, props, money, big machinery, and time involved). I'm certain I'd rather not know and just enjoy the show. Too bad you can't go back from taking the red pill.