Friday, February 16, 2007

business retreat day 0

I decided to take a week off from my day job to concentrate on my business. Luckily I have a friend of a friend in he hotel industry, and even on this busy weekend with multi-national holiday plus extended valentine celebrations going on, I managed to get a room at the Sea Lodge Hotel at La Jolla shores for literally a fraction of the price. Love the area. The view on the ocean ain't bad either. ;)

I call this day 0 so that I can get a head start on the work that needs to be done. On the agenda:

Have one downloadable package with all the installers, documentation, etc. so the whole process is completely automated.
Pay Bills
Everything for the big conference in april. (order shwag, redo brochure, what to do with the booth)
Do some hardcore thinking and planning for goals, strategy to reach my goals on business.
Work on personal goals.
More to be added as they come up.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pure Energy

Adding to my post a month ago (Sixth Sense)...Its along the lines of the same energy you can sense when someone is in the room with you, but you cannot see them. Ever notice someone behind you, and without seeing them, or hearing them you knew they were there?

Or you knew that someone was going to call you, and a few seconds later, your phone starts ringing? This doesn't count if you have cingular because often it interferes with speaks near the cell phone. :)

One time in my elementary school, I had the key for some reason to the entrance of the auditorium. And I could save myself a good 5 minutes if I chose to go through the entrance to the back door of the auditorium to go home. I decided to do so. Unfortunately, when I opened the door and started walking to the back door, the entrance door shut behind me. It was almost pitch black except the lining of the door ahead of me. I felt an intoxicating level of an energy of someone or something that was there all around me while I was walking through. It was so thick that I had a hard time breathing. When I finally got to the exit, it got easier to breathe again, like I had just poked my head out of the water, and maybe having escaped potential harm.

Baseball, tennis, golf, it's all the same swing.

For these 3 games, and I'm sure there are more out there, the main swing of the bat, racket, club is almost identical. You perfect this one swing, and you'll see the other 2 games in a whole new light, and probably look pretty damn good without any experience. Its all about creating a whipping action, and about making contact with the ball at the end of the whip so that the contact is explosive because the inertia of your whole body and the apparatus is all concentrated on that one point during the contact. You'll eventually be able to almost visually see that the energy is at the center of the racquet, the middle of the bat (and no where else), or the face of the gold club. Its interesting that this swing is probably the biggest representation of how well you can play the game where it makes more sense to me that the ability to swing should be a measurement of your potential as an athelete of these games, and the skill of the sport itself depends on your ability to do everything outside of this swing.

PS3 in trouble.

Too expensive to buy even if it had a bunch of exclusive titles and all the tv show and movie publishers went with bluray.
Sony losing ~$300 per system.
Propietary cell processors increases complexity on developing titles for the PS3 (not easily port-able)
Everyone seems to be jumping the bandwagon to produce games for the Wii, whereas some companies has already jumped ship from PS3 development.

PS3 is a few years ahead of its time. Maybe in a few years when more bluray movies are out, everyone owns a 1080p tv, and technology has advanced where production costs of the PS3 has been driven down significantly, it would be a different story.

I did get to experience it this last weekend on a 1080p tv, and the graphics are stunning, and really makes everything else look like old technology. Hopefully Sony can hold out on their gigantic investment so that it'll pay off in a few years. I'm a big PS2 fan. But I'll hold off on the PS3 until it'll make sense to buy one.

We're looking for a new president.

We have 2 years to go with Bush, and I have never seen so much excitement over the next democratic president. Who will it be? Obama, Gore, or Clinton? They are all very extreme choices in my opinion, but what they represent does spark passion in a lot of voters. Does the republican party even stand a chance?

What Bush lacks the most is the rapport with just about anyone. He pretty much does what he wants to do and really is loud about how much he doesn't care about what others think. Maybe if he made some decisions and could prove that he was right and everyone else was wrong, it would be another story. But it seems like everything he does that goes against the public just seems all result in a big "i told you so" against Bush. And then Bush goes and apologizes to the public. Yeah, announce you are a weak when people already think you are dumb. That'll work out well.

Whatever. I don't care much about politics at the moment. I just hate our president. Hate is a strong word, but its perfectly fitting.