Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I've had a rethought of my "I'm in the know" post. Sure it is all true, you might believe in it, and change your ways because you believe it. But I see the bigger picture now. Its all about being mature and really understanding what it means to be a man. In today's society, after you're 18 or 21 or whatever, you are a man in a physical sense, but the way our culture is set up, there's no formal initiation where you psychologically leave the boy behind, and fully take on what we are innately programmed to do. If you're a guy, and when you got to 21, or 25, did you ever wonder "I know I am a man but when can I start referencing myself as 'a man of...' or 'a man who...' and not feel funny saying it?" Mature women can determine at the drop of a hat the level of a guy's maturity. And without shame I will admit I hadn't matured at all a year ago. And in the last year, I deeply wanted to be mature, and understood the characteristics of a man, but I was approaching it from a top down approach by trying to act like a man (and feeling conflicted), rather than working from the bottom up by letting the boy die, understanding what it really means to be a man, and let my new psychology guide my actions from then on.

Not 100% there yet because I have goals for myself but I'm getting this taken care of. And it'll be done soon.

Monday, September 4, 2006


After I've made "the realization" everything in between makes sense to me at a whole different level. I've never really understood fashion before. I would try different things and could tell you what looks good on me or not, but that's only a part of it. I've always made the mistake of dressing according to "the style that has become popular" when people that really understand fashion know that the style that is fading in an exponential level. In short, you want to stand out to get noticed. The trick is the futher you're willing to play this attraction game, there's a fine line between "weirdo" and "interesting". And its all about balancing how to make yourself stand out while finding something that fits your self image.

Case in point, imagine 10 guys approaching the same girl. 9 of the guys were wearing similar styles. Then there's this one guy that just gets it that wears something totally different, boarderline ridiculous. That one guy is so ahead of the game because its most likely that she's already seen him and have triggered a message in her brain that goes something like "whoa...what's up with that guy?" And you can bet when he goes up and says hi, she'll have more to say to you than just hi back and be interested to find out the person behind the clothing, compared to the other 9 guys that were blending in that when they walked up to her, they might as well have stepped in from the shadows and more likely triggered a response back from her like "hi...and what do you want?" because it'll be the first time she's even seen you. This is a good way to prove how not smooth you are.