Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Traded in my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 for a Skyrocket

First things first. XviD hardware decoding performance on the Skyrocket is really terrible where the Galaxy S2 always did this flawlessly. Surprisingly the DivX and 1080p and 720p MKV are flawless on both devices. Zooming into very large webpages are choppy on the Skyrocket. You will not notice any difference on small websites. The bigger screen is a bit nicer I must admit. Flash video seems to run without hiccips on the Skyrocket where the original S2 seemed to struggle with this at times. On the other hand any flash app that demands all the horsepower you have will indeed be significantly slower. For example I used to be able to play bejeweled Blitz on Facebook on the S2 and it used to make sense to do so. On the Skyrocket don't bother. It will be too laggy for it to be playable. Just giving people a point of reference with these examples. One nice thing you may notice on the Skyrocket is that the microSDHC card is removable without removing the battery. Lastly, 3D is noticably choppier. It does not matter to me at this point because I dont play any 3D games but I will be looking to play GTA III when it comes out. It may or may not make a difference. I just wish they improve the XviD performance.