Friday, March 30, 2007

Finally, full res video on PSP without hassle

I always loved the PSP as a video player. Even though the PSP is almost 2 years old, the screen is still pretty amazing. I always hated the fact that I needed to use a hacked psp, a homebrew application, then you have to make sure your video codec hacks the file after the encode.

Your alternative was to run videos that looked crappy, which was a shame for such a beautiful screen.

Well, all that is old news. 480 x 272 resolution videos are officially supported on the new firmware 3.30. Surprising move for sony. I guess they have given up on the umd disc movies. i never understood the concept of that. charge double the price for half the resolution (in other words 1/4 the video size), and not make it useful in any other device.

Shortly after this news, I realized that there is a hacked firmware out there that is the mother of all firmwares. It lets me boot backups of iso's without anything like devhook or run umd, lets you set screen to the brightness you can only select while plugged into an adapter, plays all UMD games from the disc, and best of all, it played videos at full resolution. Same resolution and format you can use with the new 3.30 firmware. One last thing I think sony should do is offer the full brightness setting with or without being plugged into the wall. Its ridiculous. The battery is good enough for a few hours of content. More brightness the better, especially in well lit areas.

It literally took about 18 months of waiting since I bought my PSP to finally become the device I always wished it was. Its about time. I guess I'll start carrying this thing finally.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Its all about the Hamiltons Baby

Taking big steps to move forward. I may have come across, with some luck, an opportunity to save myself at least a year in developing the company. Instead of assembling a sales and support team myself, I've found myself a kind of a value-added reseller when it comes to enterprise level software. There is just so much to benefit from kind of a partnership. I'm a little behind on the goals that I've set, but I don't see a reason I won't be able to achive all of them this year.