Thursday, October 4, 2012

iPad Mini surfaces, Apple users elated, Android users eagerly waiting to feed them crow

I wonder how many millions of comments were written by Apple users saying how the smaller iPad wasn't necessary.  And how many of those people will end up buying an iPad Mini when it comes out and rave about it.  Probably all of them.  Somehow this feels like a win for the Android community.  I await the announcement for a 4.5" iPhone and a 5" iPhone with stylus phablet in the near future.  Yes it will happen.  It is just a matter of time.

Also, since when did Apple become a "me too" company?  Maybe a year ago?

Problems with Apple Maps

I'm sure I wasn't the only person who thought dropping Google Maps and launching their own Apple Maps was going to be a serious mistake of near biblical proportions.  Just looking at how long it took Google to perfect navigation and turn by turn directions, I estimated it would take Apple a good 5 years after a public beta launch.  But just out-right releasing it as a feature of their latest and greatest device and blocking Google Maps...are they high?  Even Google Maps and Navigation, starting this year and not before that, made it clear that there is no better navigation device than an Android running Android OS 4.0 (or higher) and Google Maps.  I believe a part of Apple's problems are that Google has set the bar so high.  And releasing a "this is our first try, tell me how you like it" mapping system, just like Google did 5 years ago is not going to cut it when people are expecting and paid for perfection.

After all this and scuffgate, Apple fanboys are still are out in full force bashing on Android phones of it's plasticity, while secretly begging for Google Maps to written for iOS 6 in Google forums.  The nerve of these people.  They seem to have forgotten that iPhone 3G and 3GS had plastic backs as well.

What would people do without The Pirate Bay?

The Pirate Bay was down for more than a day a day ago.  I thought for a while if their time had finally come. It seems like the world police is after them and it looks like their mission is to shut them down first and then deal with their legal rights later.  I see that the site has come back, and it is good to see a site that is standing their ground rather than shutting down at the face of adversity unlike so many other sites that have folded or fallen due to raids.  It would be sad if they did finally shut down one day.  But I hope people who are trying to shut them down realize that the problem only grows bigger (by people looking to cash in on TPB's loss) and less controllable if they do shut down.  Just take for example megaupload.  Have sites like that shut down?  No, there are so many more of them now.  Exposing just how lucrative megaupload really was only lit the fire under the asses of people looking to make a quick fortune on the Internet.  Shutting down The Pirate Bay will not be any different.

Lisa from Saved By The Bell

She's big in the news today, back from obscurity.  Why?  Her mother is saying she is traumatized and has bipolar disorder.  But wouldn't your mom talking to the press about your mental problems cause more trauma?  Anyway, she seems to be a big buzz on the Internet today.  Maybe better to be talked about rather than being forgotten about.

Lisa Turtle was one of my first and only black girl crushes as a teenager.  Her and Jada Pinkett.

Mitt Romney Wants To Kill PBS!

Even though I was born in the late 70's, I never got into Sesame Street.  So there will be no tears shed for the loss of Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert and Ernie.  But I absolutely loved Reading Rainbow.  I even watched it when I was in Jr. High (aka Middle School).  I really loved that the blind guy from Star Trek TNG played by LaVar Burton took time to share his passion for reading.  Another memorable series was NOVA.  This show planted a seed that explains my hunger for astronomy and astrophysics today.  Down with Romney!  The nerve or that guy.

Epidural Steroid Injections Causing Meningitis

I saw the press conference and this sent chills through my spine.  (haha, no pun intended...but wow, what a zinger that is.)  "There's no risk to anybody that did not have a epidural steroid injection."  Knowing how common these injections are, as I have had 3 myself in the past for my herniated disc in the L4-L5, I am betting a ton of people are going through serious panic right now.  I'm sure everyone has had fungal infections before, but if it is in your bloodstream, it can kill you in a day.  I hope people get called in for some antibiotics.  Yikes.  I'm currently in Korea where people take shots for colds.  It's awesome because when you get a cold, you go to the hospital in the morning, pay about $3, get a shot, and head to work because the cold is pretty much taken care of.  In the US when people get colds, they tough it out for a few days.  But maybe I'll slow down on those shots seeing reports like this.

Let's give Arnold Schwarzenegger a break

Looking at all his life accomplishments from his rise from obscurity, I think people are blowing his faux pas out of proportion.   Should his whole life be ruined because he decided to sleep with his maid and had an illegitimate son?  Sounds like a personal matter, not a world crisis.  It's not like they aren't being provided for.  It would be a shame if this is how Schwarzenegger's legacy ends.  Sounds like the maid was well provided for, and was waiting to cash this check on her way out.  What is worse?  Hiding these events from the public, or selling out the good people that you worked for who is probably considered a part of the family, who is also the father of your son, for money?  I vote for the ladder.  Let's give Arnie a break.