Saturday, August 3, 2002

went to comic con today. at one of the events, they showed the whole smallville 121 episode. and then we got to ask them about the show. unfortunately, none of the actors made a surprise guest appearance. are all the people who made a unannounced surprise guest appearance on the events i went to today. elijah wood (and his 2 hobbit friends), arnold swartezeneggar, james cameron, ben afflek. i also saw jason lee (mallrats), lucy liu, ang lee, ray park (darth maul), timothy olyphant (drug dealer in Go), and a bunch of other directors and producers. i guess they decided that comic con was a big thing everyone was gonna make a surprise guest on. we got to see never before seen footage of xmen2, polaris, the hulk, daredevil. it was a blast this year. gonna go to the next one for sure. i also got a free shirt that one of the LOTR guys tossed. got a T3 cap, a dream catcher, a harry potter book, a xavier school blue book, and some kind of a daredevil poken in a red pouch, to name a few. only thing i bought was a simpsons coasters. they're cool. comes with a nice tin can too.

then we went to go eat at this place called the Juke Joint Cafe. As usual, great band, "ok" food. man i'm tired. i think i'll go turn on some newsradio, lye on my bed, and await the sandman. tiered tyerd tyered

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