Saturday, June 29, 2002

today was a different day. woke up and helped wei move for a little bit. then met up with jeff with the NSX. it had a removable top. so of course we never left it covered. how can i describe my self in it? all i can say it is that it was all smiles. just felt good riding in it and attacting attention. i've ridden in convertibles before. but sitting in a $25k convertible is more like sitting in a car just without a top so you can see the sun, while sitting in a $90k exotic sports car is like sitting in a car so that people can see you and you can see them. quite a different feeling. supposedly i could get a used nsx for about $35k in descent quality without too many miles. but won't have a removable top for that price. so it's not worth it. to get a used one with a removable top it would be $50k, and that'll just be too much for the next couple of years especially when i'm trying to pay off my debt to buy a place. anyway, enough of day dreaming. the car was nice though. it was pretty cool seeing it parked next to my car. since the nsx was black too, the brake lights on the back were an interesting comparison because the lights on my car were inspired by the nsx. very similar indeed. the engine and the suspension felt pretty similar too. both cars are 3 liter v6's. the nsx has DOHC while mine is has SOHC. very comfortable for a sports car. a girl would never complain. ;) so in the NSX, we went to go get pho, then boba. then we went crusing at down town la jolla. we stopped at symbolic motors. they treated us really nice. they let my friend sit in a F355 Spider F1. This one to be exact.

I didn't sit in it, but I did get to play with the F1 shifter. they had loads of ferrari f355s and 360 modenas. oh yeah, they had one of the cars from Gran Turismo. a F1 car, I think a 687/s or a 687/m. I'm not 100% sure of the name, but it's the black F1 car with the orange/brown letters on it. one of a kind car, i got to touch the tires. : ) maybe i left some nail imprints. then we drove down del mar. we were thinking of driving to coronado, but i think we got tired, so we called it a day. i came home looking to work out, but i ended up taking a nap for 3.5 hours. i woke up and realized that rimac was closing so i just worked out at the gym downstairs. i've been a little bored and lonely the last few hours, but it's not like i can't fix that if i wanted to. maybe i'm looking for the contrast, and trying to cover the whole spectrum of life.
got a rec card at rimac thursday and worked out with diem. then we went to tofu house. i hope we don't make it a habit of eating out every time we work out. then i got home, and fell asleep for 12 hours. today, i came home, did cardio, and then went to cheesecake factory and met up with raymond, his uncle, and his aunt. ate at cheesecake and watched bourne identity. the movie was okay. i'd give it a 6.5 out of 10. gotta wake up tomorrow and help wei move. then me and jeff are gonna go cruise the town in a T top NSX. his friend is letting him borrow it cause jeff told him he was bored......what a nice guy huh? : ) i'm not sure if it's modded, probably is, but i think it'll be the fastest car i've been in yet.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

today was the first day of my interval training. did fine for the first 10 minutes. then got really exhausted...and i took more than 30second breaks....but i will get better. : ) gonna change my cardio routine. i'm gonna do cardio every other day, and do interval training when i run, and do the stairmaster (i'll do interval training on this too when i get used to working out on this thing).

i think i saw an unusual amount of newsradio episodes today. i usually watch 1-2 on a normal today, today i saw 7-8.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

is it just me or does my blog really suck? maybe i hide the ugliness, and when nothing is beautiful, there is nothing new. maybe i'll be a little honest and talk about the whole truth.

i think every thing that i do turns into some kind of an obsession. whether it is a food that i like, or something i like to do, i do it excessively until i get bored of it. for example, a few years ago, i started to really like caesar salads. so what did i do? i ate it for 15 days straight, until i didn't feel like eating it any more. in high school, this guy was really good at mine sweeper, and i wanted to beat his record. i eventually did after about 6 weeks of playing 6-8 hours a day. and to make it worse, people say i'm a perfectionist, and and one of the most competitive people they've ever met. i know i can get pretty competitive if i have enough interest in it, but i never saw myself as a perfectionist, but maybe it's true. my latest obsessions are: trying to get fit and healthy (you'll know if you've read any blog from the last 3 months). and i think i'm picking up a new one....cleanliness. my room needs a lot of work...but, it will eventually be spotless. i guess these obsessions, if they are obsessions at all, are good ones. i sometimes worry about getting in a relationship where i will over do everything to a point where things lose flavor. but i'm pretty sure i've matured enough since high school.

maybe making it an obsession is what makes me reach for goals that some people never even consider achieving. hopefully i'll be able to obsess about my career case damn, i could use more money.

i've been driving really agressively the last week or so. testing the limits of my car basically. taking sharp turns, and driving almost double the speed limit baiscally every where i drive, on and off the freeway. i know i am nothing to the read hard core people like jeff and his friends who would do 150 on a busy street if the car was able. but still i'm not doing myself any favors driving this agressively. this is not good because i've been trying to increase my testosterone levels (for muscle building and fat burning).....i think my road rage has been climing recently. i sometimes blank out thinking of what i would do in a blind rage to a motorist if he dared rolled down his window and shared his opinion. but maybe these are just fantasies, because i know enough to not initiate on doing something really stupid and throw my life away. i think i get this blind rage from my dad. something in his blood or brain chemistry. i'm pretty sure my brother has it too. but hopefully we've learned from the mistakes of our father and know not to act out in fury. the blanking out is what scares blanking out i mean...for example, i'll be driving, then i'd blank out thinking of something, and then when i come back to reality, it feels like i took all 100% of my attention away from driving. and i have no recollection of how i was able to drive while i was blanking out. but the thoughts i have when i was blanking out is clear, and i remember them. i think this is normal for every guy. some worse than others.

today, i got to work late (doh), and as soon as i went down, we went to a birthday lunch at the pub. and our department manager gave us all beer money. i thought it was quite funny, especially what my parents would think if they knew. honestly though, i think they'd be a little shocked and amused at the same time. now if i was 18....they wouldn't be thinking that. since i don't drink, i just bought myself some bottled water and a large order of spicy curly fries for the table. big mistake. i ended up eating about 3/4 of the curly fries and then getting sick of eating all that grease afterwards. never again.......never again....

i'm taking a day off work tomorrow to wait for the carpet cleaners. if they do come early, i'll just go to work after they are done. no use walking all over wet carpet all day. talking about thing at work is really getting me ticked off. whenever my boss, asks for something i almost always give him what he asks for the same day. now when i ask for something, the cell phone they were supposed to get me, it has taken more than 8 months so far, and still nothing. he forgets every day. basically the only thing i've asked for, he can't seem do this one thing for me. i know there are some things not under his control, but getting over the barriers to get things done is what working at UCSD is all about. if i only knew it was going to take this long to get a cell phone through my department, i would have gladly signed up for service last july. the contract would be up next month. he's a great boss. but he's gotta spend just maybe 30 minutes and just get this done for me. 8 months is ridiculous, especially when my turn around time for his requests are usually a few hours. it's like he doesn't want me to get it for some reason. every time i think of it, it gets me fuming.

i think i inhaled too much Raid trying to kill those damn ants...that are springing out from nowhere again.

Monday, June 24, 2002

went to go work at my consulting gig friday evening. worked there for 4 hours, and got home. it wasn't too bad. i'll have to redo 2-3 more machines. maybe i can work on more than one machine at a time. less money, but it means i'll be done with them and i'll have less to worry about.

tommy came over this weekend. went to that cowboy breakfast at ruth's chris steak house. it was really good. the could have had a better cut of meat though. it was prepared nicely, and the service was awesome. came home and worked out, then biked. then all 3 of us went to tofu house for dinner, and saw minority report. i really enjoyed the movie. i think i'll get the dvd. very well written story. then today, i worked out in the morning, went to jv's, and then passed out for about an hour because of food coma. tommy went home. then i suddently felt like cleaning. actually, i've been wanting to really spiff the place up. make it spotless. so i went to walmart to get cleaning supplies. so i got a duster, dustpan+brush, broom...and then i decided to wander, and i ended up getting a 42 piece dish+cup Corelle set by Corning. it's the exact dish set that raymond had. then i got 9 gym towels. reason for the ridiculous amount of gym towel is that when i go to the gym, i sometimes drop my towel on the floor....or wipe the machines...then i end up wiping my face. and i go to the gym 7-9 times a week, and do laundry every 2 weeks, having 2 gym towels just is a bad idea. now i have a total of 11 gym towels. i hope that will be plenty.

i enjoy web surfing late at night. but i dread it during the day. maybe its because i feel so busy during the day. i wonder how wendy's doing. i haven't seen her online since tuesday i think. maybe i should give her a call.

it's already 4am. another week of work awaits...

Thursday, June 20, 2002

didn't post for a few days....oops. i got panda express on tuesday night, and boba yesterday.......i felt really guilty about panda express. i can't believe i used to eat food like that every day...even a few times a day. that explains this gut i'm still fighting to lose. it doesn't help that i have really thin soft skin either. just makes it so much harder because i'll have to reduce my body fat to somewhere around 12% to even look "ok". but i will get there for sure. i haven't missed a beat on my work outs and daily cardio exercises. all my roommates have moved away and my friends are out of town, so i get to eat like a machine, and work out like one. it's only for the summer, so aside for the lonliness, it's a great benefit that no one is around. this weekend is a little troublesome. i have that cowboy breakfast at Ruth's Chris steakhouse, then i'm gonna hang out with jeff and tommy later that evening, eating out for sure.....then i got erik's house party sunday...probably gonna be snacking on a little extra fat than normal. i'll just try to watch out

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

was gonna go to work at 9 this morning. then my consulting place calls me and says they are having email problems. so i went there for my lunch break. worked there for about an hour 15 minutes. then i got a parking ticket. the receptionist saw it and got the boss man to get it taken care of for me. whew. that would have made my trip out there for almost nothing. i'll know to overfill the meter next time. came home. worked out. then ran. showered. went to the market. bought apple juice non acidic apple juice to take my creatine with. a regular and fat free salad dressing (i'll just use a little bit of the regular and splurge on the fat free stuff). bought some rembrant tooth paste. it says it'll make my teeth whiter by 5 shades, whatever that means. casey was supposed to be home about an hour ago. maybe they decided to watch a movie? maybe wendy will stop by and visit tomorrow before heading back. if she visits during lunch time, maybe we can hit up the cottage.

Monday, June 17, 2002

i hope santa knows i want six packs for christmas. and i'm not talking about those cheap six packs you can barely see at the right angle. i'm talking about six packs that are like the six packs on the cover of men's health. well, maybe that's for next christmas. i'll be happy with the cheap ones. : ) we'll see how it goes. maybe i'll get my present early. first i gotta lose the wrapping paper...and the foam packaging.
woke up, went to costco with casey. bought a sonicare tooth brush. i think it's great. worked out, then did cardio. jeff came over. went to eat thai at taste of thai. we went to go see bourne identiry, but found out that showings started at 10, so we just came back home and chilled. watched all of harry potter disc 2. somehow jeff got some kind of a offer for a free lunch at Ruth's Chris steakhouse. so we're gonna go next saturday.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

helped wendy move yesterday morning. had some dim sum. came home took a nap. ate pho and drank boba with casey. went running after midnight. running that circle gets easier each time. didn't win the lottery.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

worked 2 jobs again, this time starting at 8. came home, worked out, and then went to fry's with wendy to find out their selection sucked on fans. we'll need to do some research and order parts online. then we went to phils bbq. got some ribs and brohams. then got boba. i'm really gonna miss hanging out with her if she's not going to be here for the summer. gotta get up early tomorrow to help her move.

saw really something peculiar at fry's. supposedly there was a shop lifter at fry's, somehow got caught, was chased down, and was fighting the guys off, and all these customers started helping restrain the guy on the floor as they put handcuffs on the guy. then dragged him back in to some kind of a holding room that never caught my eye. man....that guy was so mad he didn't know how embarassed he should feel. getting caught at fry's for shoplifting. man, what was that guy thinking?

Friday, June 14, 2002

wrote up an entry, then closed the browser. doh. oh well. woke up early, to get to the consulting gig. that was fine after the kinks got worked out. went to my real job. got productive, left early to work out. then met up with wendy and hung out doing fun stuff. never a boring night when wendy's around. i like those odds. : ) ate at pf chang's the first time. didn't have time for cardio. did some hotfixes. going to sleep now. gotta wake up at 7.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

watched the solar eclipese yesterday. that was pretty cool. other than that, i didn't do too much for the last 2 days other than work out. signed the lease for the apartment for one year. starting my consulting gig on thursday. i kinda feel like not doing it since i don't want it to hurt my work out schedule.....i hope i can fit it in smoothly. was gonna sign up on the welness program and realized there is none for the summer. that means though that i'll be done with the program in december. i should be pretty fit by then.

Monday, June 10, 2002

had a relaxing weekend in torrance. ate at el pollo inka, a japanese restaurant called TAKEFUKU (prounounced tokeyfooku), and a place called Curry House. All were very pleasant, not too unhealthy meals. not too expensive either. i went up there to help my parents paint, but my dad calls me saying i shouldn't come today (i'm guessing he didn't want to paint today himself cause he wanted to watch the basketball game), so i just hung out with tommy all weekend. watched the game, went to the mall at palos verdes. they had some kind of a block party there. that mall is smaller than it looks. things are too wide spread. a poor attempt to be like horton plaza. but it's the best they got around torrance/palos verdes.

had boba for 3 days straight......i am doing cardio every day...and work out 4-5 times a week....can't be too bad. i need to maybe cut down to once a week? well, i'll try. i only get it when friends are around.

i'm switching between bike and running.....biking a few days straight will cramp up my calves, so i think if i run every other day instead of bike, i can bike without having to worry about my legs cramping up.

finally starting the consulting gig. i hope it works well, and fits into my schedule smoothly. it's good money. maybe i can make a web page for them.

weekends pass by too fast. why can't i just with the lottery and be done with problems of not having all the money i want?

Saturday, June 8, 2002

Time to chart my fitness progress again:

First day I played DDR at home: 1/26/2002

First day I went to the gym to bike: 3/17/2002

First day I went to the gym to work out with machines, and dumb bells: 3/22/2002

Day I started to seperate lifting and the cardio exercises completely: 3/29/2002

Day I started to do bike correctly to achieve an efficient cardio workout: 3/31/2002

Started changing my diet gradually: 4/1/2002

First day to plateau for 12 minutes on the bike at my max: 4/4/2002

Changed my diet completely: 4/17/2002

Day I started to work out on mostly freeweights: 4/30/2002

Incorporation of the protein bar into my diet: 5/5/2002

Started drinking protein shakes: 5/8/2002

First day to do level 5 plateau for 12 minutes on the bike: 5/13/2002

Changed from trying to plateau on level 5, to doing 20 minutes on level 4: 5/15/2002

Started taking creatine: 5/27/2002

Started 5 day loading with creatine: 6/2/2002

Got body fat scale: 6/2/2002

Started running: 6/3/2002

Started loading with creatine with non-acidic juice: 6/5/2002

still playing ddr. definitely not as much. i'm a lot better now. i can clear most 8 feets. still can't do 9 feets.

yesterday was cool. had free food for lunch, worked out, ran a few miles, played ddr and some ping pong, and got some boba with the current resnet crew. didn't go to the bbq cause i wanted to work out.

i found out that someone stole my credit card number from one of my credit cards, and used it to sign up to a pron site for the last 2 months, and even bought some stocks with it. the nerve of that guy. anyways, moment i found out, i cancelled the card, and ordered a new one with a new number.

i'm going to LA this weekend. i'm trying to decide whether i should hang out with tommy tomorrow and help my parents today, or the other way around. it makes all good sense that i should hang out with tommy today, and help my parents paint tomorrow. as long as tommy didn't plan anything today.

Thursday, June 6, 2002

today was a pretty interesting day. i got kerberos interoperability with our win2k servers working. had a nice dinner with wendy. went home to work out. and while i'm working out, we have a black out. About half of UTC was without power for a good 2-3 hours. so i worked out with candle light, while raymond watched run lola run on his laptop. i finished my work out, and ate some delicious salad that raymond whipped up, and the the battery goes on his laptop half way through the movie. so we're just chillin, and we decide to drive around la jolla to see how big the outage is. then we realized it was a bad idea since the street lights were turned off...we ended up running through half of them. so we go back home, and i call nguyen and tell him i'm coming over. and then the lights turn back on....and one of my computer has a really obvious burnt smell...but everything still works. then roadrunner goes out for 2 more hours...and i'm back to twittling my thumbs. and now the internet is back....and typing away.

i went to vons today, and found out something interesting. most juices that are concentrate seem to now have 100-130% of vitamin c in them, and tend to be acidic. the only pure martinellis pure apple juice seem to be the real deal with about 2% of vitamin C. but the gallon of that costs $8. good thing it was on vons club. i tried mixing creatine in there, and there was a big difference on how it dissolved in the apple juice. basically, in the new apple juice i got, it didn't disolve at all the cran grape that i used to mix it with used to have a chemical reaction to creatine. so i guess i'll be taking creatine with martinellis apple juice. pretty tired....dozing offf...gotta take a shower....

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

new apartmentmate's name is Wei. and yes! he's gonna take the apartment. i think he's a really cool guy. we chit chatted for an hour and a half without noticing when he came to look at the apartment. the scary thing is, i put the ad out on 2 issues of guardian, and 0 calls returned. can you believe that? well, thank god i found a roommate. i'm safe for at least one year.

[an hour later]

i got kerberos interop working with our win2k servers! finally! it was a project that started around feb. i was in a little bit over my head when erik first wanted me to do it. and finally it works! wow, this is turing out to be the most destressing weeks ever.

actually one person called about the apartment....just now. sounded like a really quiet weirdo type that watches anime all day....wouldn't want to be roommate with that weirdo. going home for the day.

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

so the big question is, is Whey (dunno how to spell his name) gonna take the apartment? i'm pretty stressed out right now cause if he doesn't than i'm in pretty big trouble. i put an ad in the guardian...and no calls...i thought there would be a flurry of calls, but actually there were none. maybe the rent was too high? hopefully he'll contact me tomorrow and i can concentrate on better things after tomorrow. i hope he didn't end up emailing, cause that's not me. i hope i won't have to stress out till 6 tomorrow and then end up calling him myself. if i don't hear from by noon, i guess i should try contacting him myself. man, this is like the cliff hanger of a movie i can't bare to watch.... what would be nice is if i wake up tomorrow and he's already left a message on my machine telling me that he's taking the apartment. the pessimistic side of me is telling me, he either emailed me at instead of, or he wants it, but forgot to call me. this means i won't probably know till at least 6pm tomorrow. we'll see. why am i so stressed about this? he's already told me he'll get back to me by tuesday....i'll just keep telling myself that everything will be fine....everything will be fine...

Monday, June 3, 2002

measured my body fat today. slightly over 20%. supposedly that's not too bad. but if that's not too bad, i guess I'll want my target to be pretty damn good. i went to jeff's place today. he changed my brake pads while i put windows 2000 and 256 megs on his computer. his computer is 10 times faster and reliable now. it took a lot longer than i thought it would. finished at about 9. i watched a few important minutes of the lakers game and had dinner with his family. wanted to watch the game with wendy, but she seemed really busy today. understandable since it's 10th week. got home and worked out. found out that newsradio will be back on a&e starting june. if i didn't have all 97 episodes, i'd totally get a tivo, and digital cable. but now that i have all 97 episodes to play on my command, i don't think i'll need to.

i found out today that international gardens is having some kind of a promotional rate. i'm gonna call them tomrorow and see if i can get in on this deal when i sign the new lease. it's 2am already. damn.

Sunday, June 2, 2002

started loading with creatine today. went to go eat at todai with jeff. played some gt3. got bored pretty quickly....hmmm. i'm gonna redo jeff's computer, while he works on my brake pads. then try to catch the lakers game. a guy came to look at the apartment today. i hope he takes it. he's a cool guy and it looks like we'll be good apartmentmates.