Friday, July 16, 2010

How Apple can turn the iPhone 4 failure into a total PR win.

It seems as through Apple has many fires to put out these days.

The gizmodo thing. The death grip. And it being a victim of its own success of becoming too popular. When you become too popular, you are no longer the humble diamond in the rough. You are the evil corporation. The Man. And the people who appreciate the value of something novel and unique want nothing to do with you. On top of this, the fandroid army seems to be growing loud and proud of how sucky their iPhone is, even if they don't really own one.

Maybe Apple can do something cool like recall all their iPhones to fix the antenna problem. And while they are in there, say thank you to the early adopters by doubling the storage capacity. 16GB to 32GB. And 32GB to 64GB. They can do it. The technology has been out for a while now.

Of course this would totally kill their stock for the next few seasons, but I think in the long run, it would set them up to come back stronger than the path they are currently headed.