Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Say "No" to Director's Cuts.

Am I in the minority to be wary of director's cut of any movie?  2 movies particularly stand out in my mind.  The PG-fycation of "The Last of the Mohicans".  I got the sense that the director may have been pushed by the execs to make the theatrical cut more bloody, and he saw it as an opportunity to change it back to the way he wanted it.  Big mistake.  By changing what is possibly a few seconds of the film, the movie feels less satisfying and the thirst for revenge unquenced.  I'm not the only person that feels this way.  Read the comments of director's cut reviews, and you can see people keeping their old VHS copies after they've purchased the DVD or people in the forums talking about how they've gone through ordering theatrical cuts from Canada because they only were selling director's cut in the US.

Another movie was the director's cut of Amadeus.  I have no problems with this cut of the movie.  I think it is as good as the original.  But somehow the theatrical cut of Amadeus and the director's cut of Amadeus are entirely 2 different movies.  My only concern is for people watching the director's cut of Amadeus as their first time watching the movie.  It is impossible to communicate there is another cut of Amadeus that is better time tested, and there was a reason it won all the awards.  They got it right the first time.

These days, when I see how the directors have added extra footage back into the film, I no longer see it as a bonus.  I just want to buy the movie I loved the first time.  It's like going back to the restaurant and ordering the same dish you loved the last time, only to find out they've changed the ingredients.  What a terrible idea.

Monday, May 20, 2013

My experience running Mac OS X 10.8.3 on VMWare

Having recently upgraded to a i7 with 16GB ram and a top of the line SSD, I thought it was time again to try to run Mac OS X on vmware.  Initially, I was very happy that computers are finally fast enough to run a vm of Mac OS X at full speed with all the animations turned on and have it run buttery smooth as if you are running it directly.  Even video seemed to play at full screen and have it look identical to playing it directly on the host machine.  It kinda gave me the feeling that "I can get used to this".

But giving the OS a harder look, I can't believe that this is the latest Apple has to offer.  The design cues scream of web templates from 2005.  2005 was 8 years ago.  The skin of the OS is definitely showing it's age with it's overdone shadows (sometimes uneven), overly rounded curves, and and 3D buttons.  Maybe I'm scrutinizing here but I'm not getting that clean, simple, refined experience that Apple is known for.  Is there a Mac OS XI (11.0) in the works? Most people seem to think no.  One might argue "Windows isn't any better"  Whether that is true or not it should never be used as an excuse to keep it substandard, especially when you know it is outdated.

I had a difficult time trying to log in with my apple account.  I reset it about 5 times, and the process was really buggy.  It would email me links that when I click on them, it would say the session has expired.  It is obvious that timezones were the problem between the server and client.  Real rookie mistakes for web programming.  But the fact that Apple hasn't figured this out was pretty disturbing.  I would change passwords without fulfilling the password criteria, but it would not warm me that I was doing anything wrong and push through.  Then of course, it would not work.  Then I tried to log into Facetime and Messenger, which didn't let me log in because I probably haven't updated my credit card information or agreed to updated terms of service in iTunes.  But the error messages for logging in were no help.  When you Google search problems, all the suggestions pointed to pretty low level obscure solutions that seemed very disconnected from the actual problems.  I was also shocked at how messy the manual uninstalling of apps was.  I always thought Mac OS was better in that it didn't leave files all over the place like Windows.  That may be true, but not all apps respect this and uninstalling apps without proper uninstallers is shockingly bad.  

The OS itself reminds me of software written by only a handful of people who don't have the time or the patience to practice any thorough testing procedures.  I got the impression that Apple isn't even sure about the future of Mac OS.