Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anthony Robbins Diet: Day 27-28

Day 27-28: Time of Your Life (6,7 of 10)

This day was all about using the OPA/RPM Life Planner. The planner is great. On a typical planner, you write down your to do lists, and it feels great at first that you are organizing your life. But a typical to-do list is daunting, sometimes overwhelming because the list is endless, and more importantly, there is no emotion behind anything you're doing. For example, say you wanted to create a postcard campaign for your business. You just write "design postcard", you are forgetting the purpose behind your action. And you won't be motivated to do it. And even if you did it, it won't be the best postcard you could have made because you forgot your purpose.

I can say that I can absolutely relate to that because I've had a few planners here and there. You get this neat little black book. You open it, it has all these tabs, and you feel like "wow, this is going to make my life better." A day later, you stop using it because you either forget about it.

I can say that I've been using my RPM Life Planner for a week now. And that is the longest I've consistently used a planner.

And the last thing that is mentioned is that, incorporating a new system like this in your life (or any planner) takes some dedication. It might take an hour a day right now, but it may only take you a few minutes later to do the same amount of planning. I know this to be absolutely true. I'll reflect back on the time when I took a year off to teach English for a year. To prep for 6 hours of lessons, I took about 2 hours to prep. After 6 months in, it took 20 minutes to do the same prep that took me 2 hours. So I know what he's saying is true. Dedicate myself to planning my life for a few months, reap the rewards and continue to reap the rewards for fraction of the input.

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