Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anthony Robbins Diet: Day 1

What is the Anthony Robbins' diet? It is something I've made up, and something I've been planning on doing. And it has nothing to do with nutrition, physical exercise, or calories. It is about taking an hour every day to listen to his material, taking his ideas, and committing to live by them wholeheartedly during the course of a diet. And just like a regular diet, some changes you make to your life stick, and some changes revert back if you lose focus. But at the end, you still emerge a better self, and you make incredible gains during the time you're on this diet. And if you're lucky, the changes you make during the diet may become a permanent part of you and you never have to go back. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why not directly work on yourself.

I'm a big believer in Anthony Robbins' ideas. I respect him immensely, but I don't idolize him in any way. The collection of the wisdom he's gathered by putting himself out there and learning by meeting incredible people, the knowledge he preaches are much bigger than him. Just like a normal person, I hear great ideas and wisdom all the time, but how often do I practice it? Imagine, when you hear a belief someone lives by, but instead of taking it lightly where it may or may not shape your beliefs. you consciously used that as a chisel and carved it into you. Imagine the person that would emerge after that process. That's what this journey is going to be for me.

If I cheat on this diet, for example I go against something I said I was no longer gonna do, it doesn't mean I failed. I just need to take notice, and just keep finding ways to stay on track and get side tracked less often. Metaphorically, it just means that I just need to keep chiseling away more definition.

I absolutely believe we only have one chance in life. We don't reincarnate. And technology to transplant our brains into a new body won't be available in our lifetime. We have one chance to experience everything all the great things that this wonderful world has to offer us. It would be an absolute shame to not do everything in your power so that you can experience everything you want to experience in your lifetime.

Currently, I feel that I'm being lazy because I'm not doing much and the smallest tasks feel like the largest tasks. All these tapes are showing me that successful people didn't get to where they are now by being lazy. The hardest working people doesn't necessarily mean they will amount to great successes. And just like I've been a motivated powerhouse of productivity in the past, instead of guilting myself into working hard, instead, get to the root of the problem by getting motivated and guiding myself towards that motivation so that I'm working 18 hours a day 7 days a week motivated and happy that I'm doing it.

1. Anthony Robbins A&E biography
2. Get the edge & Personal Power Classic (A core self-improvement course)
3. Start using RPM (time management & planning tool)
4. Time of your Life (To get better on managing time)
5. Financial Freedom (Get motivated to do business, and get clear about reasons and goals)
6. Ultimate Business Mastery (video) (So I set-up a better foundation for the company I create)
7. New Money Masters (model the masters of the type of business I want to do)
8. Improve Physical Stamina to work more (so I can work longer hours and have more energy, ultimately so I can be more productive.)
9. Work on Presentation Skills (to do a killer presentation for funding)
10. Work on Leadership Skills (when I make contacts, send the right impression)

Notes: I would like to fit Personal Power II in there somewhere because I believe that it has fundamentals that would help me accomplish everything that I'm doing with all the other courses, yet I don't want to start doing the plan I've created myself a month later, after doing something a course that I've already done but just need a refresher on. I think I'll just do PPII as something on the side, but with my full attention.

Today's Material: (Video) Anthony Robbins - A&E Biography

So as just like what you should do before taking anyone's word wholeheartedly, it is great to get to know about the person. It is so that he establishes more influence for me to believe what he is saying wholeheartedly. That is why I decided to watch this first.

Previously, as much as I've heard Tony's life stories through his material, I never knew much of his upbringing. It was great to learn about how challenging his life was, and how it mirrored my life in many ways. I did find it inspirational that he faced serious adult problems as a teenager, and without him going through that painful process, he would not be the person he would be today. Again, even through a biography produced by someone else, he tells you that he conquered the same problems I am having as a 30 year old with a college degree. He solved these problems as a teenager without having yet graduated high school. I have no excuse to let this problem dictate my life.

I do notice this biography is definitely outdated. I know that Anthony Robbins' is divorced and remarried. The biography was done a few years before his divorce. This doesn't bother me at all. Again, his information is not gospel. He may have the best ideas on a wide array of things, but his information is the best information available today, and not necessarily the best information that you can get tomorrow. I also always felt that his information about the understandings of relationships and chemistry with the opposite sex was not his focus, especially before his divorce. He's always put his career before his relationships. He personally never had to face a problem of finding opportunities for meeting people. That itself is a challenges many. And for this even material from Eben Pagan is light years better than what Anthony Robbins can provide. But after his divorce, I do notice he's absolutely made it a study of how to keep a good relationship, and released numerous programs after this with the help from other relationship experts. I'm sure there is a lot of great info in there and I'll give these a listen too, but after listening to everything else.

List - Beliefs to live by (I will keep adding to this list)
1. People with little to no resources have faced, conquered, and accomplished more than you. You have no excuse to let any problem get in your way. Do whatever it takes.
2. Embrace your life's challenge and be thankful of this opportunity to grow. If everything was easy and handed to you, you would never become the man that you can become.
3. Instead of working hard for the sake of working hard, get to the root of the problem by getting motivated and finding something to motivate myself.

Tomorrow: Get the Edge (1 of 7).

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