Thursday, March 8, 2012

Anthony Robbins Diet: Day 8

Day 8: Personal Power Classic (6 of 7)

Breakthrough alert! I've listened to "The Driving Force" many times which was a part of the bonus PowerTalk at the end of Personal Power II. I understood needs 1-4 (Stability, Variety, Connection/Love, Significance) very well. But I never truly understood needs 5-6, Growth and Contribution. I always thought happiness was the endgame to everything that we do. This is how I understood life, but I had a breakthrough realization just recently. Life is not about being happy all the time. The search for happiness and get out of being unhappy (aka the need to experience pleasure and avoid pain Tony would say) is what drives us. As happiness is concerned, only 2 things matter. Growth and LC=BP. To say life is good or that you are happy with an aspect of your life, your life conditions needs to equal your blueprint (LC = BP). So for example, if your blueprint for a successful family is living in a particular house, and having x amount of kids, and have it be a particular way) and you have that, then you can say life is good. And you would say that you are happy. If that was your blueprint, but it is not what you have, then you won't be happy. The other thing to happiness is that LC might equal BP now, but you won't sustain your happiness unless your life keeps growing and improving. So no matter how good your life is, you don't keep growing as a person, or your life doesn't improve in some way, then you will eventually be unhappy. Until just recently I didn't understand the importance of growth. But now I see that growth is one of the highest priorities in life. If you're happy, you will be unhappy in the future if you don't grow so should plan your life around growing as a person. And you shouldn't just plan your life around it, you should lead others in your life so that they are growing as well. With all that said, I do not understand need 6, contribution. Sure, contribution sounds like a good idea, but I do not feel that in my heart to be one of the basic human needs. Maybe it is a higher level of need. After I have the basic needs met 1-5, maybe contribution will feel like a basic need for life. I'm sure I'll get there as I continue this journey through personal development. It took me 6 years from hearing that growth is a need to realizing it at a level where I see it like seeing the code in the Matrix.

In conclusion, if you are not happy, it is because your life conditions doesn't equal how you pictured your life to be at the current time. So go out and get it. If you get to a point where your LC = BP, then plan your life around growth. It could be on anything. A skill, your job, money, social network, spirituality, knowledge, etc.

List - Beliefs to live by (I will keep adding to this list)
17. Plan your life, and lives of people in your life, around growth.
18. Turn class 2 experiences to class 1 experiences.

I'll probably touch more on this later, but I realized I've kinda forgot about this matrix. I should be evaluating things I do to maximize my productivity. I think I'm mature now that I no longer do class 4 experiences. But I'm sure I do class 3 experiences often. But as long as I am conscious about the experience being a class 3, I have the will power to stop myself. But to truly become productive is to turn class 2 experiences to class 1 experiences. The best example for this is exercise. And I'm sure people have applied this to working, studying, and even household chores.

Experience Class Matrix

Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
Feels goodYesNoYesNo
Is good for youYesYesNoNo
Is good for othersYesYesNoNo
Serves the greater goodYesYesNoNo

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