Saturday, March 24, 2012

Anthony Robbins Diet: Day 24

Day 24: Time of Your Life (3 of 10)

In life, you have roles for yourself and others. Your roles may be something like father, son, brother, leader, protector, strategist, etc. You can trace every action you take to a role that you've placed on yourself. The message is, instead of being focused only in the action, get behind the reason why you're doing it so that you plan it better, become more well rounded in tasks you're missing out, and do it with more passion. First you must change your perspective on your roles if you are viewing it in a negative way. For example, you might have a label for yourself as "the pincushion for everyone's problems." Instead, create an empowering labels for these roles so you are excited about the tasks at hand. Instead of the pincushion, be a "lifter of the human spirit".

Tomorrow is a continuation of what to do with these roles. Excited about what's coming up next.

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