Sunday, March 25, 2012

Anthony Robbins Diet: Day 25

Day 25: Time of Your Life (4 of 10)

Today, it was about two things. There is a success cycle where when it comes to getting things done, you can either be in a downward cycle or upward cycle. In other words, the rich get richer, and poor get poorer. Not just financially, but in potential, action, results, and beliefs.

Basically, look at 2 types of people. The successful. They have been successful before. So they know they can do something they have already done and are confident about doing something that they haven't done. So with the confidence they go out and do it. And of course, their confidence and action often leads to positive results. And then they are even more confident for the next thing they do. And This cycle just keeps on building on itself. It is a great cycle to be in.

Let's look at the people who have experienced a couple of failures in a row. Because they failed the last few tasks, they don't feel confident, so they take less action, and of course you get less results. And you get less confident until you are feeling like you just can't anything done, so you don't even try. So you have no results. So you are just not doing anything. And so that you escape the feeling of insignificance, you find things to occupy the mind and make things that have nothing to do with your future your primary focus.

How can you change you downward spiral to an upward spiral? AR offers a simple solution. Just experience the success emotionally before you accomplish it. Reality is the experience, and if you can imagine clear enough, your body won't know the difference.

There is a powerful message here. I've been doing AR's Hour of Power here and there. I know how amazing I can feel by the end of it. And I've been using it as a tool to make my self feel better, or get motivated for a moment. But I should really do it everyday for the success cycle.

The other message was we shouldn't try to be just good in today's society. Even being great doesn't cut it anymore. We should all try to be outstanding in everything we do. Set that standard for yourself.

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