Monday, March 12, 2012

Anthony Robbins Diet: Day 12

Day 12: Get the Edge (4 of 7)

I've seen Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and I got motivated to do a juice fast. Unfortunately, I did not go through with it. And it wasn't a juice fast. I just wanted to replace juice as one of my meals. Unfortunately, I just ended up drinking juice supplemental to all of my meals. And I didn't really see too many benefits from it. But listening to Get the Edge Day 4, it was all about the juice fast (and more). And he described something that I observed naturally. When I was doing a juice fast or similarly, when I forgot to drink coffee for a day and my body begins detoxifying, my body felt highly acidic. He explained why this happens, and it was a good insight. I'm always trying to understand what my body was doing. Anyway, when my body feels acidic, it feels so bad to a point where I feel that if someone hadn't invented Alkaseltzer, I wouldn't know how I would get through the day.

I've also been thinking maybe I should just get rid of coffee in my life. I feel it is an unnatural way of changing the biochemistry on my body. Probably not the best thing. But maybe not at the moment. I feel that it helps with my coding, and that a lot of my work seems to be done at a cafe these days. I wouldn't feel right about going to a cafe, and just taking up space without even buying coffee.

I was also thinking about what I heard from the Deepak Chopra PowerTalk the other day. How our minds control our body reactions. And could it be that my body becomes overly acidic, as learned responses from when I heard Get the Edge the first time about 4-5 years ago? I currently have problems with white sugar and processed flour where I get terrible acid reflux. Not all the time, but often when I ingest white sugar. Has this condition got worse over the last 5 years? Or has the mental conditioning just gotten stronger in the last 5 years? What is really going on here. I do remember having what felt like dehydration headaches in the past. I feel that I am in tune with my body much more so now than 5 years ago. Not sure what is correct. Is my belief giving me acid reflux? Or is it the sugar? Have I always had this condition and I just have a better understanding of how my body works? Or is this something I brought on myself? Wow, what a mindfuck. Both sound 100% right, but only one hypothesis is correct.

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