Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anthony Robbins Diet: Day 13

Day 13: Get the Edge (5 of 7)

Wow, this was an eye opening and mind blowing session. I've been pretty good at changing my state when I'm not experiencing negative emotions. But I've totally forgot about the lessons from this day of Get the Edge that I listened to 5 years ago.

Negative actions are actually "action signals."
What people end up doing when they experience negative emotions is just react, and usually not in the best way. The general rule of thumb on what you should do with action signals.
1. Identify and appreciate this negative emotion.
2. Clarify what I want or what do I want to feel?
3. Take action. Change perception or procedure.

1. Discomfort - Figure out what I want, and take action to get comfortable.
2. Fear - Get prepared so you can feel confident.
3a. Hurt Type 1 - It is the feeling of loss. Change the perception.
3b. Hurt Type 2 - Failed expectation you had from others. Change perception or change procedure.
3c. Hurt Type 3 - A violation of values. Change perception or procedure.
4. Anger - A violation of values (Amplified version of Hurt Type 3). Change perception or procedure.
5. Frustration - Be flexible, change your procedure because what you have been doing is not working.
6. Disappointment - Expected outcome seems no longer possible. Change perception, find new solution so that the outcome is again possible or change expectations.
7. Guilt or Regret - You've violated your own values. Take action so you never violate your own values again.
8. Inadequacy - Go work on yourself because you know you could be better but you are not there yet.
9. Overload, Overwhelm, Hopelessness, Depression - Get clear on what is the must and what is just desire in the situation. Prioritize, and take action.
10. Loneliness - Lacking social connection/love. Go get it.

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