Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anthony Robbins Diet: Day 22

Day 22: Time of Your Life (1 of 10)

This entire 90 minute session was all about power of focus. There is some NLP mixed in there. I've practiced envisioning the future, and made sure it was the brightest and clearest as possible, and it is a good technique. But I've realized that I don't do it as much as I should. I used to do this a lot and it would motivate me and made sure my end product was the highest quality I could produce. Another thing about the power of focus is that even though the focus he's talking about is what you're paying attention to in your mind or in the physical world, he's also talking about what you're working on improving.

Focus = The part of your life that you're working on improving. For example: "What are you focusing on your life right now? Career? Family?"
Focus = What you are thinking about/concentrating on at the moment. For example: "Today is a beautiful day. It is a privilege to live in this city and enjoy the warmth of the sun."

Master these to aspects of focus, and you make maximum use of your time. Anyone would rather have 10 seconds of pure enjoyment after working hard 10 hours that day, rather than 10 hours of wasted time. If you asked the person that worked hard all day, how the day was, the person would probably say fantastic, if they chose to focus on the 10 seconds of pure enjoyment they experienced. And that acknowledgement alone, would probably carry that person's mood positively, throughout the day. And could it be that the person that got the 10 seconds of pure enjoyment, focused on his outcome, so that the 10 hours of felt like less than an hour. And because this person is great at focusing on the right things, he feels fulfilled for having a day where something good that happened that may even contribute to his growth as a person. In contrast, look at the person that wasted 10 hours sitting at his desk. He probably had a terrible day, because all he can remember is how long the 10 hours of doing nothing felt. And how the 10 hours felt like 20 hours because he was staring at the clock all day. And because he could not focus his energy at an activity, he makes no progress in anything and is not fulfilled. I know I'm just rambling, but wow, I understand why focus matters so much. It is everything from how you're making yourself feel now, later, and in the future.

So what I can take away from this is a question for myself.
What can I focus on right now to make myself feel great now, later, and in the future? I should be working for Tony Robbins. :)

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