Monday, July 1, 2002

today i ran a bunch of errands. went to costco. went to nutri-sport. was gonna get my car washed, but it was too late. borrowed a switch from the resnet office. i went to Mitsuwa and Nigiya to see if they had any poke. they didn't, but they had cheap sashimi tuna cubes that i can make poke with. so all i have to do is get the recipie. and i'll be in poke heaven. when i was at nutri-sport, i asked them if they had anything that would help increase my testosterone. so i bought this thing called naturalone. supposedly it should increase my testosterone and supress cortisol. sounds good to me. : ) all i felt like i did all day was eat. i ran doing interval training. i think i'm making progress at running. i had a pretty boring day. forgot to eat an apple today. time to drink my v8 and go to sleep.

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