Saturday, June 29, 2002

today was a different day. woke up and helped wei move for a little bit. then met up with jeff with the NSX. it had a removable top. so of course we never left it covered. how can i describe my self in it? all i can say it is that it was all smiles. just felt good riding in it and attacting attention. i've ridden in convertibles before. but sitting in a $25k convertible is more like sitting in a car just without a top so you can see the sun, while sitting in a $90k exotic sports car is like sitting in a car so that people can see you and you can see them. quite a different feeling. supposedly i could get a used nsx for about $35k in descent quality without too many miles. but won't have a removable top for that price. so it's not worth it. to get a used one with a removable top it would be $50k, and that'll just be too much for the next couple of years especially when i'm trying to pay off my debt to buy a place. anyway, enough of day dreaming. the car was nice though. it was pretty cool seeing it parked next to my car. since the nsx was black too, the brake lights on the back were an interesting comparison because the lights on my car were inspired by the nsx. very similar indeed. the engine and the suspension felt pretty similar too. both cars are 3 liter v6's. the nsx has DOHC while mine is has SOHC. very comfortable for a sports car. a girl would never complain. ;) so in the NSX, we went to go get pho, then boba. then we went crusing at down town la jolla. we stopped at symbolic motors. they treated us really nice. they let my friend sit in a F355 Spider F1. This one to be exact.

I didn't sit in it, but I did get to play with the F1 shifter. they had loads of ferrari f355s and 360 modenas. oh yeah, they had one of the cars from Gran Turismo. a F1 car, I think a 687/s or a 687/m. I'm not 100% sure of the name, but it's the black F1 car with the orange/brown letters on it. one of a kind car, i got to touch the tires. : ) maybe i left some nail imprints. then we drove down del mar. we were thinking of driving to coronado, but i think we got tired, so we called it a day. i came home looking to work out, but i ended up taking a nap for 3.5 hours. i woke up and realized that rimac was closing so i just worked out at the gym downstairs. i've been a little bored and lonely the last few hours, but it's not like i can't fix that if i wanted to. maybe i'm looking for the contrast, and trying to cover the whole spectrum of life.

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