Monday, July 8, 2002

today was an "ok" day at best. woke up. ate...then took a nap for 2's weird. i'm fine when i don't take naps, but when i'm at home, i just want to take naps. i think the problem is that i don't sleep well. maybe i should go to sleep earlier. maybe that's the problem. then i jeff came over and wanted to get boba. so we got boba at this new place. it was horrible. i drank maybe 1/10 of mine, and i threw it away. so did jeff. we were so bummed that we paid $4 and we got crap. then i went to walmart to get some glucosamine sulfate and fish oil.

Here are all the supplements i'm taking daily.

2 Vitamin C 500mg

2 Glucosamine Sulfate 1000mg

3 Fish Oil 1000mg

10g Creatine

5-10g Glutamine

1 Centrum

2 Calcium 500mg

10 NaturalOne

So I take 20 pills a day. I think I'm gonna lower my intake of NaturalOne to only one serving a day, which lowers it to 5 capsules. when i got to walmart, i couldn't decide if i should get fish oil or flaxseed oil. they generally seem to have the same effect, but fish oil sounds like it would be more benefiscial if you're lifting, and flax seed oil is for when you are just trying to get healthy. you can probably take both, but i'm just gonna take fish oil for now. i'll eventually get off the creatine, naturalone (cause of the price and possible side effects), maybe glutamine when i'm doing maintenance rather than building and that's when i'll take flaxseed oil and green tea in capsules. glutamine comes mixed in to my protein shake, and it seems safe enough so maybe i'll keep the glutamine. vitamin c, calcium, fish oil and glucosamine sulfate seems like really good stuff that most people are not taking. i'll probably always take these with my multivitamin from now on. well, i had pho today, and some spring rolls. damn, now i feel guilty. it wasn't the best decision. at least it wasn't sam woo's. i think i've reached my threshhold on eating those sandwiches. i did manage to eat them for 3 months straight, and now it feels like i don't even want to think of them any more. i'll still eat them at work, but not at home. i think that's why i've been wanting to eat out more...

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