Friday, July 5, 2002

today was a pretty uneventful day. i think i got sick from something i ate, so i just stayed home mostly. strage enough, i was craving 7-11 nachos all day. i gave in cause i was sick. and i thought with the indigestion it was gonna really do me in, especially with the amount of tabasco i used, but surprisingly after i ate it, my stomach actually feels better. like i'll be well enough tomorrow. maybe i'll lay off the high protein for a little while. i think that might be the cause of these problems....or it could have been the not so fresh salmon i ate raw.

added some more features to my blogger. still not happy with it. maybe i'll have to play around with the overall look of it rather than just tweaking it.

tomorrow is another day of work. i'm gonna come home around 3 for the cable guy. and then go work out with diem.

i had requested friday off, but i didn't get it. my boss took it off though. a little unfair. because if i had friday off, it would have been a 4 day weekend, but since i need to work on friday, i couldn't do jack shit today. or do anything away from home. feels like i got shafted.

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