Tuesday, July 30, 2002

on sunday, i got the surf and turf burrito at JV's with Tommy. I dunno what's in that burrito (maybe horse tranquilizers? aka Ketamine aka Special K). It happened last time too. We would eat the burrito and pass out for like 2-3 hours. Then we decided to check out Tapioca Express. We get there and all they got is small bobas. But I realize today that I like the little balls. I think I'll get them small next time.

i worked at the consulting gig till 4am. then came home, and i knew they were gonna call in the morning. so they call at 9am, pretty pissed (she was about to explode on the phone). luckily i sensed it and solved the problem. they thought i had lost all 700+ of their contacts. anyways, i didn't have to drive there this morning, which is good cause i'm sick of that place. with having awful sleep, stressed out, and my back still giving me problems, i called in sick.

i'll say this again. it's not worth it. this consulting gig was more of a trial. wanted to see what it was like doing consulting work. i liked it when i did it for free. but when they start paying you to do critical stuff, that's when it gets stressful. did some laundry, and went to go work out a little later than usual. got there at 6, worked out till 7:30. then i decided to go shopping and stop by el cotixan to get some shredded beef burritos. if you ditch the tortilla, the meat is pretty lean. but still, when i got there, i wasn't craving it any more, so i just went home and decided it was best to eat at home and save money.

my back is still healing, but i'm impressed with it's progress. tomorrow should be a more exciting day after work. i'd like some boba too tomorrow, but I don't think we'll be able to squeeze that in.

tickets to vegas is only $19 till who knows when. i just want to go there, watch the fountains at night, eat some bellagio buffet, and gamble some and come back.

i've been a little more loose on my diet. i'm still doing the 40-30-30 every chance i could, but it seems like i've had a lot of "interruptions" this month. still, when i'm alone, i generally make the right decisions. when i go to the market, it's usually, lettuce, bananas, water, wheat bread. only junk food i buy is beef jerky. it's all protein anyway. at least it's not a snickers bar, a donut, a bag of chips, or any other crap i haven't bought for myself this year. my grocery list is pretty impressive, considering my grocery list from last year used to be about 15 TV dinners, beef jerky, and some chips, and some other crap i don't even buy any more. how in the world did i even consider that food? well, i am still paying for it now. luckily the time it takes to work off the damage is less than the time it took to accumulate the stuff. well, kinda. it is easier to get fat than healthy. all you have to do is eat junk food all day. but then again, i never knew what i had to do to get healthy, so i'm basically trying to get rid of the fat i've accumulated since i was born. i think i'm not making sense. it's late.

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