Monday, July 15, 2002

i seriously doubt my body fat has gone down i'm not gonna even try getting on the scale. i'm sore from tennis from yesterday. it must have been the fact that i did a hard lower body workout, then played tennis hard the next day.

went to the opening of tapioca express today. then i found out later that green tea house had "free tapioca milk tea" sign posted. so we go there, and we find out that it's buy one get one free. that's like false advertising. but they said the tapioca milk tea was a dollar. and then one of them tasted funny. what a rip off. what a way to make sure your customers never return, after a better place opens up next door. i think i'll be going to tapioca express from now on. it's my new coffee cartel. without the coffee. : )

played a lot of warcraft today. hung out with jeff a little bit. then with wendy in the evening. damn, it's 1:30 already. i'm not sure if i'm gonna make it in to work by 8:30 tomorrow.

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