Sunday, July 14, 2002

18.2! well, my body fat isn't exactly 18.2, but just keeping track on what the lowest readings i've gotten so far are.

didn't do much today. played tennis with wendy. played a lot of warcraft 3. i'm 1/4 done with the game. you know, a lot of people have said negative things about the game on how it basically is the same game wc2 was. they need to give it a try. it's so refined. so much better. it's not just about what you build first, what you build second, etc. and then doing it in the same order over and over again every game you play. and the things they say when you keep clicking on them is hilarious. another thing is when you tell the grunt to attack the enemy, it'll say something really hilarious. like "i'm dead." quite a few monty python lines in there too. i give the game a 5 for originality, but a 11 (out of 10, yes, mathematically not possible).

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