Friday, July 26, 2002

i was checking myself out in the mirror today. and wow. i've made so much progress. i just couldn't be more pleased on how my body is turning out. i'm beaming.....

maybe beginning in 2003, i'll be a personal trainer to some of my friends who need more guidance more than others. free of charge. i wish i could help my dad. he's gotten pretty fat. too bad he doesn't live in san diego.

gotta fess up. went to bully's today. had a 11oz cut of prime rib. had it rare. very lean cut. almost no visible fat. i had the baked potato with only chives and nothing else. still very good. had french onion soup and one small piece of bread. all in all, it wasn't a 300 calorie meal, but for steak, i couldn't have done any better. i was treating my friend out for his birthday. what was i to do? make him a turkey sandwich? this friend doesn't like any form of asian food. so we went to anthony's (yes, healthy) in down town sd, and they quoted us 40 minutes. so we cruised around gaslamp, then decided to go to gas lamp. then we found out how busy it was over there so we decided to go to cheesecake. then on the way i suggested bully's. i think bully's was a better suggestion than cheesecake. in cheesecake, all i would get is carbs doused in butter fried in oil.

damn today is hot. the next 10 day forecast couldn't be any more perfect. it's great to live in la jolla.

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