Tuesday, July 16, 2002

17.8. sure doesn't feel like it though. maybe cause i'm full right now, and also retaining water from eating too much beef jerky. if those readings are true, i guess i must have really plateaued for a while a few months ago. i was stuck at 20 for a while i thought. with the amount of workouts i'm doing i should be burning .1 to .2 lbs of fat a day just when i'm working out so those numbers seem more right. i didn't really believe in plateauing and changing up workouts, but now i'm a true believer.

i lifted today. i don't think i ate properly or something cause i didn't get a good work out at all cause i felt like i didn't have energy for much. maybe my body is still recovering from tennis. only thing that needs recovering actually are my hamstrings. i've been streching them, but they still feel like they could use more stretching. i hope they'll be okay when i run tomorrow. didn't do much today. my new atm card isn't here yet so i went to go make a deposit at the atm, and realized i couldnt. hmmm. atm's should let you make deposits without atm cards as long as you can verify your checking account # and pin. it's not like i'm trying to make a withdrawl.

anyways, got home, played warcarft 3 for 1.5 hours. then i got the urge to cook some spagetti, so i went to the market. started cooking at 11pm, and finished cooking, and cleaning at 12:45. it came out pretty good. might have used a little too much garlic but oh well. almost perfect. i made 8 servings. ate one. cooked the chicken seperately so i can do my 40-30-30 ratio. ohly fat in there is the fat from the olive oil. so maybe except the addtional 100 calories with the noodles per serving i made, everything is still in check. now it's almost 2am, and i'm going to sleep too late again. sigh.....

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