Wednesday, July 24, 2002

today wasn't much fun at all. i went to work, then was going to run, and realized i forgot my shorts, so i drove home and back to rimac field. ran 2 miles, came back home and worked till 12. i think i'm gonna use those extra hours for a haircut i've been meaning to get...i'll just go get a haircut during an extended lunch.

i want to lose a lot more body fat but i don't think i've reduced at all the last week and a half. maybe cause my meals have been a little slacking a bit. since i'm busy at work, i'll forget to eat the fat, and only eat the carbs and protein, then double up on the fat later. and sometimes i just don't make it up at all. i have been building though.... i gotta get back to eating like a machine. i also gotta pick up my cereal from travis. before my lactaid expires. those last for about 6 weeks.

funny how this works out, but i'm getting off creatine in exactly a week. i think since i won't have the creatine, i'll just use that month to tone, and do more cardio after workouts. i think diem and wendy will benefit more from that too.

my roommate is going to china for 4 weeks. i gotta make sure i get the bill and stuff from him before he leaves. it'll be an empty house once again. anyone want to sleep over for a few weeks? i promise you, you'll get more fit, and eat more healthy.

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