Monday, July 22, 2002

measured 17.9%. not bad considering i thought my body had recoiled after 17.8 back to 20. my abs finally have healed since wednesday. i hope next time it won't hurt. i think i'll take it a little easy tomorrow on the abs to avoid what happened wednesday.

i'm excited about the book i bought. another one people have been mentioning to me is "who moved my cheese?" as silly as it sounds, it's supposed to be a book that encourages you to break out of the mold, or try new things. i don't think i have any problems trying new things. even though i'm pretty much punished everything by almost regretting not sticking to the norm.

jeff got his skyline spec nur today. too bad i wasn't around today to roll with him. he said he attracted a lot of attention. man, when we roll up for some boba, we're gonna make the rice boys shit their pants. espscially the ones who have converted their honda accords to have skyline lights and grill....and the ones who put GTR badges on their sentras.

speaking of cars, my drive home was a bit agressive. hit 125 one stretch. must have averaged at least 105 from irvine. man, i gotta get a slower car. maybe i'll buy a nice looking hybrid. too bad they don't make one.

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