Monday, May 20, 2002

saw starwars this weekend...the movie was good.'s such a badass....i think he'll be included in as the definition for badass in the webster's dictionary.

found some really interesting info about my parents and how they got us here.

had boba at this place called go go juice in Torrance. It was pretty good.

i was planning on working out today but got home at 1:30am. doh. did the best i could to eat every 2 hours.......

i got smallville 118 and 119. i'll have to catch the season finale at someone's place....maybe if wendy isn't busy on tuesday...

i'm gonna need to get a satelite dish for my place....and get more channels than a sane person could flip though in a day....of course i'll only be initially interested on watching smallville and newsradio. but hey, if it can be free....why not have it. : )

i bought a very small tripod for my digicam at fry's. it should work out nicely. i'm sure more happened.....just gotta get up early tomorrow. exchange 2k class all week...

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