Wednesday, May 22, 2002

ok...the smallville episode was a tota. ripoff. that should not have been the season finale.....what would have been a good season finale would have been if they had a 2 hour special of what they showed today and what they are planning to show as a season premier...

oh man...i got home from wendy's place...and i was hungry so i ate more than i should have (tofu and fish....mostly protein and fat though)....probably ate 3000 calories today .....possibly 250-350g of protein. i did work out today, so it can't be too bad. if i counted more carefully today i wouldn't have done that. oh well. gotta ask travis if there is a thing called too much protein.

i have to do a self performance appraisal tomorrow.....i'm too tired right now...i think i'll do it tomorrow morning and head to class late if i have to.

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