Friday, May 17, 2002

i'll be in torrance all weekend....

i really need that heart rate monitor.....even at 80rpm at level 4 i might be at boarderline aerobic/anerobic exercise...which means all the strain and no fat burn. even though i have noticed my cardio is really good right now. : ) pedaled again for 32 minutes...20 minutes on level 4.

here's my la schedule.

dinner and stuff with andrew, jeff, ritchie, kat, thomas. sleep over kat & thomas' new condo. help them move into it from their old place saturday. and maybe starwars saturday night. then i might sleep there or at tommy's place saturday night, and then try to catch lunch with tommy, then head to my parent's place for an hour or two, and with my bro, then drive him to irvine, trade some cd's, and back to sd sunday night.....

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