Friday, May 31, 2002

damn, i'm tired. i posted an ad for my apartment in the guardian and off campus housing. the guardian ad cost me $24. damn, if i still can't find roommates, i deserve to move out. i realized today i totally mixed up my work out routine yesterday, so i had to do what i missed today, and couldn't do the conflicting ones. after working out, i went over to nguyen's house at 10:30, saw harry potter, came back at 1, worked till 3am. i was thinking of going to boomers, but i couldn't fit it into my schedule today.

my bro said he's gonna get 170 movies on top of his i'll probably increase my divx collection by ~150. and looking at the list, there are a lot of good movies. the makers of the xbox mod chip is making a divx player, so after that comes out, my divx collection will be so more appealing.

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