Tuesday, May 28, 2002

i started taking creatine today. probably just psychological, but i think it is working. my muscles feel like they are retaining a little more water than usual. i gotta bike everyday....so i don't retain too much water. did a lot of stuff this week. i think i'll go on more of a stricter diet and cardio schedule. lifted today. went to eric lai's bbq today. it was cool. good crowd. good food. good view. what else can you ask for? even erik showed up. how amazing is that? : ) then jeff and i got pho and boba. and i came home and biked. i think i'll have a busy week of work in front of me. stressin' a little cause erik wants something done by thursday afternoon and i'm not sure if i can get him results he's looking for by then. i'll have to get crackin'. i'll also have to blanket the campus with the my flyers for roommates for the summer. damn....wasn't life supposed to be less stressful after school?

i think i'm gonna buy a condo with jeff. i'm tired of looking for roommates every year. this way i can save money and not have to deal with looking for roommates yearly.

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