Friday, May 17, 2002

newsradio, i'm up to 95 out of 97. and 2 more should be on their way any day now...could take a while cause the person that has them is a weird guy/gal.

went to forever fondue with the OG resnet crowd. erik couldn't make it. it seems as though he's less interested in OG resnet dinners these days. the dinner was interesting. never had fondue before. the food just food boiled in broth...not all that fresh either i thought. now if they had really fresh stuff and let you eat it raw, it might have actually been better. the desert was awesome though. great place to get desert.

i'm thinking of doing the rosarito 50 mile bike ride with travis. as long as i take enough water...a heart rate monitor, sunscreen, and eat a few shouldn't be at all impossible. also i'll be packing my lunch....after the e coli inncodent that nik and travis ran into, i don't care if it's free. i ain't eating that shit. i'll get more details from travis.....try to train on the weekends with travis on real bikes...see how much stress i need to put on my legs to do 50 mph on flat land.

worked out today after dinner. got home at about 9:30, then worked out till about 11:20. my wrist still is not any better. it's not a must be some kind of strain i'm doing on the cartilege or bone.

i probably won't have time to chill tomorrow. just run errands. another thing i have to list is to pick up Old Settlers beef jerky from ralphs for tommy. If you know how to pick the right bags, this is the best beef jerky you can buy. Ralphs usually runs out of them because of people like us.

2:50 am. ray's not home yet. either he's at the computer lab, or in san francisco. more likely at the lab.

so i won't be working tomorrow. i'll probably be driving up to LA around 7pm...taking a few protein bars with me...maybe a sandwich so i can eat one when i get there. shouldn't be eating more than 2 of those protein bars a day though. too much saturated fat. each bar is 23% of daily saturated fat intake. i should be back sunday evening....hopefully be back to get a work out in.

3 day weekend for me but why do i already feel like it's sunday evening with no more play time? it's already a full schedule. at least i should be having fun hanging with my old SD friends back in my hometown Torrance......yes, that is a bit odd. why they all decide to move there? i dunno. i thought i decided i've left that place for good. : ) everyone that I went to high school seems to already have done that.

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