Thursday, May 30, 2002

i thought this whole roommate fiasco was over, but i get the word that, i'm still roommateless. now i'm as stressed as i was this morning. maybe a little less since i got some work out of the way. still...being healthier than usual helps me deal with stress better. even when i think i'm at my threshhold i manage to get a few moment of clarity to do something productive. no time to watch harry potter once again. might have to go into work early tomorrow. i was barely able to squeeze in lifting and work out today cause i got home from work at 8:30.

this whole roommate thing has gotten me really stressed. i was just talking to some coworkers the other day about how i still dream about worrying about not being able to cram information in time for tests. and then the other day, i had the most vivid dream of all, of exactly that. i somehow was really stressed about some school thing, and then i realized, "wait a minute, i graduated." even after that realization, it seemed so real, i wasn't able to convince myself. i just kept telling myself that i graduated, and i need not to worry. after i stopped questioning how i can have school stuff due after i graduated, in the dream, it slowly put my mind at ease, and i was able to just stop dreaming and sleep.

creatine stuff might be working. i was able to do full extensions of even at my third set. usually, I just cheat, but not today. i was gonna get some crangrape at the market today, but i had to rush home to work out cause the gym closed at 11, and i wanted to lift and do cardio.

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