Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year!

It is 2008. 8 years after y2k. This is the year I'll turn 30. This is the year where I'll go from a making a 5 figure salary to a 7 figure income. I also found a new calling in life, which is to help the human rights situation in North Korea. People make the mistake of thinking they are powerless to do anything when there is a lot we can do.

One is to increase awareness. I think I found a way to effectively do it over the Internet where I can expect awareness to spread exponentially. When the whole world realizes that the biggest and unspeakable human rights violations are happening to hundreds of thousands of people in North Korea, it is my belief that we will come together and solve this problem.

Once I have the time and the resources, I plan on directly helping out the North Korean refugees living in China, because there is a lot of them, and they are still in danger until they get to South Korea.

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